Why Real Estate Agents have started Using Drone for Real Estate

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Using Drone for Real Estate Photography

The business of real estate is all about first impressions. In modern times, a prospective homebuyer will almost certainly check out a potential buy online before ever contacting a realtor. So, if you want to be the realtor who gets the call, you should make sure that the photographs and videos on your online listing are of the best possible quality.

This could be accomplished in a lot of ways. Perhaps you could hire a professional photographer or purchase a nice camera and take the shots yourself. Shots from the ground, after all, are incredibly important for a listing. However, when you talk about some details – such as the roof of a house or overall property size – your potential clients have to just take your word for it.

Tech-savvy realtors have started using drones to up the credibility of their listings. With the use of a professional-grade drone – such as one of those on our list – it is possible to capture stunning high-definition images and videos that put a property in the spotlight. If your property boasts a great location or a huge yard, a gorgeous aerial shot will do it the justice it deserves.

How Do Drones Improve Follow-Through?

Imagine for a moment that you are a customer shopping for a home. You have hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars at stake in this purchase. So, when you are browsing online listings, you might take anything you can’t see for yourself with a grain of salt. In the past, it was impossible for a realtor to assure the buyer of things such as the condition of the roof or the quality of the neighborhood.

However, if you include aerial shots and videos letting your potential clients see things with their own eyes, they are much more likely to follow up with the listing and give you a call. Whether you are showing them how far of a drive it is from their home to the local school, or maybe how upscale the neighborhood is, you can save both your clients and yourself some time as well.

Somebody who is still using the age-old, “boots on the ground” method of photography might create some good-looking listings – especially with a high-quality camera. But, you will always beat them if you include a custom flyby shot in 4K HD alongside some high-resolution images of the house as it’s hit by a setting sun. As we mentioned before, real estate is all about those first impressions.

Getting Started with Drone Photography

If you are interested in creating some of your aerial shots with a drone, you should first learn how to fly one. Experienced pilots know that they crashed a time or two when they first started – it happens. So, instead of crashing a high-grade professional quadcopter that set you back a hefty amount, you should practice with a good training drone. Check out our page here for some suggestions.

It will take a lot of practice to get good at flying drones. However, after you break into the industry, you can start to make use of some state-of-the-art technology to create some cinematic and professional-looking shots. Of course, as you move into bigger and better drones, you may begin to run into problems with FAA regulations – especially due to your use of the drone in a commercial application.

Navigating the FAA Guidelines

The Federal Aviation Administration used to have some stringent guidelines on crewless aircraft (I.e., drones). However, they recently passed a rule called the Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Rule that loosened the restrictions on drones – quite luckily for the growing industry. This rule went into effect in August 2016.

The new rule defines an sUAS as any aircraft that weighs less than 55 pounds and is unmanned. Most drones – even the professional-grade ones – do fall into this category. Instead of a pilot’s license being required, you now must simply fill out some forms and take a knowledge test, and the FAA will issue a certification to you.

This certification will enable you to operate the drone anywhere where you are allowed to – so not within 5 miles of an airport or on someone’s property (without permission). You also can’t operate the drone from a moving vehicle – so if you’re doing a flyby of a neighborhood, you need to make sure that you are staying out of people’s private airspace and aren’t in a car.

Overall, the $150 investment for your remote pilot certification is well-worth it and will likely help you make heaps of money in the future. However, you have to keep in mind that it does take a significant amount of practice, training, and investments in hardware and tools to start using drone photography for making your listings.

Hiring a Real Estate photography Company

If you are interested in using drone photography, but you simply do not have the time, money, or will to navigate legal situations to accomplish it yourself, you should consider hiring a professional company to create the footage and photographs for your listing. For example, Drone Videos is a company that serves the entire country.

Not only will DroneVideos’ fully-licensed pilots create some amazingly gorgeous footage and photographs, but they will even help you to make your sale. Included in each real estate package is an SEO-optimized landing page for your listing. Of course, they can also work with you if you already have a website. Either way, consider checking out this company if you need drone footage for your property.

Benefits of drones in Real Estate Photography

As time goes on, it is likely that we will see drones being used in all sorts of applications by all sorts of people. The development of new fuel cell technology – discussed here on our blog – will certainly help to revolutionize drones and make them viable for use in delivery services, long photography and videography sessions, and even endurance racing.

When the technology improves, the people who will have the biggest advantage in using drones will be those who already have experience. It is best to jump into these sorts of fields as early as possible – make a name for yourself now in both real estate and drones. It will help you grow your brand and your business now and will help secure your future in the real estate game.

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