Mini Drones Bets Small, Nano, and Camera For 2018 Covered

Discover new, industry leading, ultra portable mini drones you can take on the go

Mini drones have become increasingly popular as drone tech progresses and small drones get more features and smaller sizes. There are various small drones to choose from and have different uses.

Nano drones are commonly palm sized toy drones best suited to indoor flight. Mini drones can be acquired with or with out a camera. As most droners will be using their drones to capture aerial images, mini personal drones has become a very strong segment.

With nano technology derived from smartphones and migrated to nano drones. One can now get amazing 4K video and images with a small portable drone that fits in your pocket.

We have compiled a complete list of the best mini drones and nano drones to buy in 2017.


Portable Mini / With Camera

dji mavic air prophotouav
3-Axis Gimbal Camera
The Drone Is Equiped With A 3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal, With Its Angular Vibration Range Reduced To 0.005°. It Has Ability To Capture 4K Video And 12MP Photos
Smart AI object avoidance
GPS- & Vision Position-Based Navigation
It Has A 21-Minute Max Flight Time And Top Speed Of 43 Mph In Sport Mode
3D Foldable Design
As Tall And Wide As A Smartphone When Folded, The Mavic Air Is An Ultraportable Drone That Stretches The Boundaries Of What's Possible For A Device Its Size.
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DJI is already known for producing some great drones, such as the Spark and the original Mavic. The Mavic Air offers many of the same high-quality features but takes up less space due to the new compact, foldable design. It is also a beautiful drone with some of the most gorgeous, sports-carlike lines seen on the market today.
The Mavic Air is small and sleek – but that’s not its main appeal. Instead, any drone enthusiast should look to the excellent engineering that went into creating this device. For example, it is the only drone of its size to include 3-Axis Camera Stabilization – which, by the way, allows you to capture stunning HD footage at up to 120 frames per second without any jarring camera shake.
The impressive onboard storage – 8 gigabytes of internal storage – will be helpful in a pinch (though the device can also take SD cards). In addition, the Mavic Air has an autonomous piloting system with object avoidance. In fact, unlike older models, this drone will actually route around any obstacle rather than just stopping. The Mavic Air is also perfectly capable of tracking objects and people without the use of the app – another improvement over older models.
Finally, the Mavic Air also includes a few QuickShot modes. These will produce some of the coolest pictures possible from a drone. For example, the new Asteroid mode creates a panoramic, 360-degree view from top-down – something that is not commonly seen in drone photography. All-in-all, the features offered by the Mavic Air carve its place out in the mini-drone market.

– 3-Axis Camera Stabilization
– Smart AI object avoidance
– Gesture control (feel like a Jedi)
– 8GB internal memory
– Compact and foldable
– Can track people/objects without the use of an app
– Powerful camera capable of 4K footage
– Lots of camera modes for creative photography



Portable Mini / With Camera

DJI Spark
Two-axis stabilization brushless gimbal mounted to a 1080P camera gives spark camera drone worthy footage in a mini drone package.
Front mounted sensors detect upcoming hazards and stop spark from contacting them.
Enhanced GPS functions such as return home, position hold, tap and fly, active track and more.
Gesture control and automatic tracking
Spark weighs only 300g and is ultra compact. Propellers fold and will even fit in your pocket.
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One of the best-known drones from DJI is their original Spark. This is a compact drone with a lot of automated features that has been designed with a mainstream audience in mind. It is very user-friendly and comes in at a reasonable price that opens up the market to many people who may not have already been drone enthusiasts. It is also incredibly small – it is no larger or heavier than a canned beverage.
The DJI Spark’s small size does not cost it any features. It features a 12-megapixel camera with a great field of view. In addition, it is capable of shooting video in 1080p high-definition. Plus, the device also includes a variety of shooting modes including DJI’s proprietary and artistic QuickShot mode. It will be easy to produce some great-looking footage with the DJI Spark.
This drone was designed with new users in mind. Thus, it includes many features that are meant to simplify the user experience. For example, TapFly mode mitigates the need for experience controlling a drone. Instead of doing it manually, one must simply tap where they want the drone to go on their phone screen while in the DJI app. Using the onboard object avoidance and tracking technology, the DJI Spark will fly in the direction of – or right to – the spot that was tapped.
A few other features that you may want to know about if you are considering purchasing one of these drones include HD Wi-Fi and Sport Mode. HD Wi-fi allows the drone to transmit 720p video in real-time from up to two kilometers (or about 1.2 miles) away. The Sport Mode uses a little more battery in order to keep the drone stabilized in winds up to 31 miles per hour – an impressive feat for this pocket-sized drone. The DJI Spark is one of the best and most innovative drones out there today.

– Two-axis stabilization for the HD camera
– Sport Mode lets the drone fly in a lot of weather conditions
– Gesture control and automatic tracking
– Great AI pathing
– QuickShot for artistic footage creation
– Intuitive TapFly mode helps make this drone accessible to all
– HD Wi-fi allows real-time footage transmission over a distance
– Reasonable price for a lot of features


Portable Mini / With Camera

13MP camera with Digital image stabilization for photo and video shooting
Weighs only 199grams, lighter than smart phone, it is ultra compactand can easily fit into your pocket
Good performance Battery
Zerotech dobby has an inbuilt good performance battery that supports upto 9 mins of flight at 0m above sea level
GPS and Visual Tracking.
High precision visual recognition technology allows the drone to follow and capture your best moments
High performance propulsion system
The integrated Powerful propulsion system moves the craft at a controllable distance of 100m
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The ZeroTech Dobby is one of the best nano-drones out there today. It is small and light – lighter than a smartphone, in fact – and does not need to be registered with the FAA due to its size. It also boasts a lot of features that are meant to enhance the device’s usability and functionality in all applications. The ZeroTech Dobby is also controlled exclusively by an app.
This drone possesses one of the best high-definition camera systems on a drone of this size. It can capture 4K footage, produce 1080p video, and will produce incredibly high-quality images as well. It is important to note that the device also supports PANO mode for creative footage as well as EIS in tandem with footage being shot. Plus, it has a 360-degree range of motion for capturing images and footage from all angles.
The ZeroTech Dobby also has powerful and reliable flight technology. The well-engineered aerodynamic design, for example, allows stable and quick flight at speeds of up to 31 miles per hour. It also can fly for around 9 minutes on a single charge – a very respectable number for a drone of this size. Plus, it will be able to track people and objects as well as avoid collisions due to the great AI pathing control.
One of the most important things to mention about this drone is that it is meant to be easy-to-use. The app offers a lot of one-key features – such as take-off and landing and even cinematic filming. This means that anyone could pick up one of these drones and use it right out of the box. Thus, the ZeroTech Dobby is one of the best drones on this list.

– Extremely small, light, and compact
– Capable of shooting HD video and pictures
– Intuitive control via an app
– Intelligent shooting modes
– 360-degree field of view
– Good flight engineering
– Folds to fit in your pocket
– Includes battery, adapter, and several accessories


Portable Mini / With Camera

Thanks to the built-in-Indoor Positioning System(IPS). Breeze can hold its position both indoors and outdoors
This drone has propeller protectors that prevents the propeller from coming in contact with other objects when being used indoor
Breeze is is the ideal flying camera that can be taken anywhere, it has foldable propellers and includes carrying casing, this make it compact for easy transport
This drone is equiped with aa high res camera [13MP, 4k Video resolution] that allow for both photo and video shooting
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The Yuneec Breeze is another small and powerful drone available on the market today. It weighs just under a single pound, meaning it is one of the lightest remote-controlled aircraft out there. Plus, it boasts some of the best-engineered technology that has ever been applied to this type of camera drone. The Yuneec Breeze, for example, can shoot Ultra HD 4K footage right out of the box.
The Breeze may be small, but it hasn’t sacrificed any functionality. For instance, the device can stream 720p footage live over the wi-fi connection and via the app (which can be downloaded on either iOS or Android). It is also capable of several different automatic flight modes that could be used for artistic or practical purposes.
The Selfie and Orbit flight path modes are perfect for creating breathtaking views from the air. The Follow Me mode makes use of the Yuneec Breeze’s onboard tracking and navigation system in order to follow the subject and take pictures or videos when it is needed. This mitigates the need for a skilled pilot – the best-quality captures are now only a button-press away.
Another interesting aspect of the Yuneec Breeze is that it can be used to share videos and photos over social networks quickly and easily. One simply selects the footage or image that they wish to upload, choose the social network that you want it to go to, and press upload. This means that you can share your Yuneec Breeze experiences without even leaving the app.

– Small, compact design means it takes up little space in your bag or pocket
– All controlled with a smartphone app
– Great autopilot with multiple flight modes
– Social media integration
– First person view is possible with special goggles
– Perfectly capable of both indoor and outdoor use due to special positioning system
– Propeller protectors protect your investment
– Solid flight time of about 12 minutes
– Has internal memory and is SD-capable


Portable Mini / With Camera

The 1080P camera gives wingsland cammera drone worthy footage in a mini drone package.
wingsland s6 is equiped with a good postionaing system that enables easy navigation while taking footages
Wingsland has 4 pairs of of propellers[ 3inches] and they are powered by brushless motor. This gives it a high performance in terms distance and altitude
Wingsland has a battery capcity of 7.6V, 1400mAh.
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One of the best entry-level drones available is the Wingsland S6 – but don’t let that tag fool you. Though it has a reasonable price and is quite intuitive, no features have been sacrificed in this small drone. And when we say small, we mean it – the S6 is the thinnest 4K drone in the entire world. It is about the size of an iPhone and weighs about the same as one.
The Wingsland S6 is also jam-packed with features. The drone itself is available in several different colors. Plus, each includes a 13-megapixel camera that can capture 4K footage at 30 FPS with 3-axis image stabilization. This ensures that the footage produced by this aircraft is among the best you could get in the industry.
This drone uses an app interface to communicate. The app is available on any smartphone that runs Android or iOS. It is used to control the drone, but also has video-editing features (such as adding subtitles, music, or even combining footage). The S6 also offers several flying modes through the app – including flipping, 360-degree photos, and a follow function.
Also important to note regarding this drone is that there are some unique attachments available that allow it to fly in the dark. This is rather rare in this market – setting the Wingsland S6 apart from the rest. It also is very hard to lose due to the default return settings (it will either fly back to where it took off from or to the owner’s current location). All-in-all, the Wingsland S6 is a solid choice for an experienced drone pilot or someone who is just getting into the hobby.

– Intuitive app interface makes it easy to control
– Lovely 4K footage with 3-axis EIS
– Attachments make it possible to fly in the dark
– Uses GPS for outdoor positioning; infrared and light sensors for indoor positioning
– Automatic return mode makes it difficult to lose
– Can capture 360-degree photos
– Light, compact, and thin
– Offers a few flight modes
– Very reasonable price


Portable Mini / With Camera

Hover folds up into a portable travel-friendly size, it is just 242 grams so it needs no special registration to use
It is euipped with a high resolution camera 13MP, it has a maximum image size of 4208 x 3120 in Jpeg, it also supports various video recording mode, this makes super awesome in video and photo shoot.
The allows usage of hand gestures for controlling functions like taking of pictures and video recording
It has a battery capacity of1360mAh and 7.6V. This makes it capable of working for a longer period [video recording and photo shoot
Current low price available on

The Hover Camera Passport is a unique drone because it was specifically created for taking photos and videos of oneself. It has facial and body tracking that allows it to accompany one’s journey without using a smartphone. This is accomplished through the Owner Mode feature – which uses AI to find you on its own and follow you, right out of the box.
Another incredible feature offered by this device is the carbon fiber construction. This allows it to be quite light – weighing in at only about 242 grams – but also very durable. In fact, it is possible to physically grab this drone out of the air while it is flying without worrying about damaging propellers or other pieces. This feature is not often seen on drones in today’s market.
The Hover Camera Passport also boasts gesture control. You will be able to tell it when to take pictures without touching your phone or the device itself. This means that it is incredibly versatile and will be able to operate under even extreme circumstances. Plus, its 13-megapixel camera will ensure that you look your best – and is even capable of capturing 4K footage at 30 frames per second.
This drone has already proven itself in the market today. It has received several awards – including the Reddot Design Award, the CES Innovation Award, and even the Best Consumer Drone award from CES. This is due to its incredible versatility, design, and durability that other drones on the market today cannot match.

– Compact, foldable, lightweight, durable design made from carbon fiber
– Capable of capturing 4k and HD footage
– 360-degree photos are a possibility
– One of the only drones on the market with truly autonomous flight
– Includes two batteries, adapter, bag, and charger
– Gesture-controlled photos and videos
– No need for a smartphone app at all times
– Intuitive and innovative system


Portable Mini / With Camera

Smartphone WiFi Remote Control
You can control your drone with wifi connection to your phone(ios or android),your phone will receive real-time transmission from the camera on the drone! The pictures and video store in your phone ,it`s easy to share them with your friend
It is euipped with a high resolution camera 13MP, it also supports various video recording mode, this makes super awesome in video and photo shoot.
High Hold Mode
When you release the throttle stick after using it, the rc drone will automatically set the height and still hover at the released height. Thus you can fly the drone easily and steadily
Aerobatic Flight
D flips and rolls make the 360 degree rotations towards various directions to give you the spectacular performance. LED Light - With LED light, more fun when you play it on a dark night, it will be a shining star.
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This budget quadcopter is a pretty solid choice from JJRC – a company that is well-known for their drones already. It is a smartphone-operated camera drone that is controlled via an app that connects to the onboard wi-fi system. Plus, it has a unique storage system that bypasses the need for any storage on the device itself. Instead, it simply stores videos and photos directly to the phone that is being used to control it.
One of the coolest features that the JJRC H37 offers is “Headless” mode. This enables the user to fly the drone without knowing which direction it is oriented in – making it easier for an inexperienced user to pilot the quadcopter. Another useful feature is the “High Hold” mode. This is activated when the throttle is released and holds the drone at the same height that it was at when this occurs. This is another user-friendly feature that is suitable for amateur pilots.
This drone is also incredibly well-engineered when it comes to flight. It has three speed modes – enabling incredibly fast flight in open areas as well as slower, controlled flight in a more cramped space. This device is also capable of flips, rolls, and rotations that are almost acrobatic in nature. So, some of the most unique and immersive drone footage could come from this machine.
While the JJRC H37 is a budget drone, it still has a respectable camera that includes 6-axis gyro stabilization. There is also a self-timing function in order to create some innovative aerial photographs. In addition, real-time video over wi-fi enables the user to get the full flying experience from the comfort of a smartphone screen. Though the JJRC H37 does not produce HD footage, the price and versatility of the device are enough to make it worth a purchase.

– Very reasonable price
– 6-axis stabilization to avoid jarring images
– Live broadcast of footage over Wi-fi
– Intuitive control via a smartphone app
– Solid ABS construction
– Includes 4 spare blades, carrying case, and charger
– Small, foldable, and compact
– Several flight modes with included stability and smooth landing functions
– Acrobatic flight capabilities


Portable Mini / With Camera

Xero mini is portable and has a light weight
1080p / 13MP Camera
It is euipped with a high resolution camera 13MP, it also supports various video recording mode, this makes super awesome in video and photo shoot.
Automatic Subject Tracking
This is a App-Based Control with 328 ft Range for tracking subjects
Up to 15 Minute Battery Life, Max Speed 17.9 mph, Max Flight Height 150 ft
Current low price available on

The high-tech XIRO XPLORER Mini is a leading device in the mini-drone industry. It is a standard quadcopter design, but that is about the only ordinary thing about it. Even the motors themselves boast a brushless design that is quiet, efficient, and durable. In addition, this device will last a long time in-flight due to the 1400mAh intelligent battery (it only uses power when it absolutely needs it).
The XIRO XPLORER Mini uses dual-satellite positioning to ensure the most safe and accurate outdoor flying possible. It also includes visual positioning sensors for indoor use that enable it to be controlled without using GPS. This means that it is perfectly capable of flight and recording in any environment.
Another interesting aspect of this device is that it is highly-customizable. The casing, for example, is completely interchangeable with several different patterns available in order to reflect your own personal style. The XIRO XPLORER Mini is one of the first devices to offer such extensive customizability – carving out a unique niche in the mini-drone market.
The best part about this device is that you can capture stunning footage with ease. It is meant to be integrated with a smartphone app that offers a lot of single button controls. For example, taking off and landing is accomplished with only a single button-press. It also stores the take-off location and will return there when it is running low on battery. The XIRO XPLORER Mini is a revolutionary and high-quality device that can help create some amazing visuals.

– Brushless motor design is efficient and durable
– Intelligent battery for increased flight times
– Single-button controls for ease-of-use
– 13-megapixel HD Camera
– Innovative dual-satellite positioning for outdoor use
– Visual sensors included for indoor positioning
– Simple social media integration via the app
– Several flight modes for custom footage
– Great autopilot to mitigate dangerous situations
– Automatic return to avoid losing the device

Eachine E57

Portable Mini / With Camera

It is euipped with a high resolution WIFI camera, it Capture pictures and record wonderful moments.
Using super motor, switch device with high efficient energy use, more sensitive than conventional motor and stability
Current low price available on

The Eachine E57 is another machine that you can buy on a budget that has a lot of great features. What really makes this device stand out is its incredibly thin and light construction. It is less than a centimeter thick and weighs about the same as a standard Bic lighter. It also folds up for even easier carrying – and features an automatic unfolding mechanism for one-handed preparation for launch.
This drone can be used for flying and photography without using a smartphone due to the included controller. However, it also offers app integration for seamless first-person views with the live-broadcasted 720p HD video that the onboard camera captures. There are also several flying modes for different angles and types of photography.
A few cosmetic features are also worth mentioning. It is equipped with LED lights on both sides in order to make night navigation a breeze (though the device is small, it will be easy to see in the dark due to these lights). It also has a distinguished checked exterior that helps it to stand apart from similar devices. In addition, the flexible blades on the device are unlikely to break, even in the event of a collision.
Overall, the Eachine E57 is a good choice of a device. It offers some pretty great features and excellent portability. It is also nearly impossible to lose due to the GPS auto-return function that allows it to fly back to the place it took off from when battery starts to get low. This drone can hover, fly quickly, and capture some top-tier footage for a reasonable price.

– Good price
– Foldable for portability
– Auto-unfold option for single-handed launches
– Several flight modes
– 720p HD Camera
– Automatic return functions
– Thin, lightweight, but durable design
– Included controller
– Smartphone integration with an app
– Capable of acrobatic flight patterns

Eachine E012HW


Wifi FPV Real-Time Transmission
Wifi real-time transmission FPV system which can Connect your phone with the drone and the view will be shown directly on your phone, thus enjoy the world above the horizon,capture photos and record videos for your great memory.
It is euipped with a high resolution camera , it also supports various video recording mode, this makes super awesome in video and photo shoot.
One-key return: with built-in positioning system
The drone can auto locate the place where it takes off just press the one key return button, the drone will fly back to where started to take off. You do not have to worry about loosing the drone
360° roll-over
The simple flying of wsad is too boring, and the new 3d rolling special effects surprise all. With the latest technology of 6-axis gyro flying control system, it can fly very stable and it can finish the 3d roll with one key. This makes it look very cool. it also very easy to use even for beginners
Current low price available on

This drone can fit right in the palm of your hand. The Eachine E012HW is another great offer from this manufacturer, featuring a quadcopter design that propels a quality camera through the air. Though this drone can be used with the controller alone, it is best used integrated with a smartphone. The app will allow real-time visuals and easy capturing and sharing of aerial footage and photographs.
This tiny drone has a few important features that you should know about if you are in the market for this type of device. First off, it has an altitude hold function that allows the quadcopter to hover at the height at which throttle was released. It also makes use of a one-key return system that causes the drone to return to the remote control when the button is pressed.
Another user-friendly feature is “Headless” mode. This means that the aircraft will always fly in the direction that you want it to without dealing with positioning it properly. This is a boon to those who do not have a lot of experience with camera drones, as it makes it far easier to pilot. Combined with one-key returns, the Eachine E012HW is great for users of any experience levels.
Overall, this mini-drone offers a lot of great features at a very reasonable price. It offers incredible value and will be perfect for the drone pilot on a budget. The convenience, durability, and portability of this device are hard to beat – giving it a place on our list of the best mini-drones.

– Durable, portable construction
– Protective rings around the blades for safety and protection against collisions
– Remote control means that a smartphone is not necessary for use
– One-key return makes it harder to lose
– A lot of user-friendly features for any skill level
– 360-degree range of motion
– LED night lights for easy use in dark environments



360 Rotation
Built mini and agile, capable of really cool stunts like 360-degree flips and rolls.
A 6-axis gyro
helps choreograph all the maneuvers and enables precision control,Can be easily controlled to rise, fall, fly forward or backward, turn left or right and fly sideward.
Automatically One Key Return
to land at take-off location at the touch of a button.
Easy to operate
High/low speed options, easy to control for players of all skill levels.
Current low price available on

JJRC is one of the leading manufacturers of drones for all skill levels. The H36 mini-drone is no exception – this quadcopter comes in at a very affordable price without sacrificing performance. Though this drone does not have a camera on-board it is a perfect device for a beginner to learn on. The JJRC H36 is fast, durable, and maneuverable.
One important feature that this drone offers is a 6-axis gyroscope stabilizing system. This enables the drone to function properly in harsher wind conditions and also makes it more responsive to the use of the controls. It can also travel in any direction at a considerable speed.
This drone also includes a Headless mode for ease-of-use. This mode ensures that the operator will always see the intended results at high heights – even when it is not possible to tell with the naked eye which direction the drone is facing. This is great for high-flyers and beginners.
The JJRC H36 also features acrobatic flying functions – including 360-degree flips and continuous rolls. This is great practice for users who wish to move on to more advanced devices in the future. Plus, the LED lights that the H36 boasts enable easy flying in dark conditions. Overall, this device is the perfect one for a beginner and a great supplement to the collection of an experienced drone pilot.

– Incredibly affordable
– “Headless” mode helps flying at high heights remain simple
– Capable of acrobatic flight
– 6-axis gyroscope stabilization
– LED lights for nighttime flying
– Includes a charging cable and cleaning cloth
– Durable ABS design

HolyStone Hs190


Altitude Hold Function
Powerful air pressure altitude hold function allows you to release the throttle stick and the drone will keep hovers at it's current height.
Foldable and Easy to Carry
This mini quadcopter can be folded into the controller, which is small and easy to carry.
High Speed Rotation
New and interesting function. The drone can do 360° circle and fly at high speeds, offering you a special and exciting feeling.
Headless Mode and One Key Return
Enable players of any level to fly and operate the drone easily; One Key Return: press this button in Headless Mode, the drone will automatically come back to you.
Current low price available on

Among the best devices for people who are just starting out in the drone piloting world is the HolyStone HS190. It is a durable, inexpensive quadcopter that is perfect for beginners. It offers several features that make it one of the very best remote-controlled aircraft for someone who wishes to learn about drone piloting. It is also foldable and compact.
One of the main important features to consider when looking at this drone is the one-key take off and landing function. This is great for people who are not too skilled at flying – it will be hard to damage the device from a hard landing or improper take-off. It will also hover in place after the throttle is released, reducing the risk that the device will get damaged.
This device also offers a revolutionary charging system. While you can charge it in the standard way (with a wall outlet) you can also charge the drone right from the controller. This is a convenient way to carry extra power with you, keeping you flying for longer during the day.
The HolyStone HS190 is also an incredibly capable flier. It can flip in three directions, for example. It is also able to spin at an incredibly high speed – like a pirouetting dancer. In addition, three different speed settings enable the most-precise control possible. This drone is good for beginners and experienced fliers alike.

– Incredible acrobatic flight
– Small, palm-sized, and durable design
– LED navigation lights and indicators
– Revolutionary charging system
– Single-key take off, landing, and return
– 3-speed adjustment
– Lightweight and portable
– Headless mode for extreme heights

Hubsan Q4 H111


Integrated gyro for stable flying
4-Channel 2.4ghz Radio with digital trim
Ultra small design - worlds smallest
It has a battery capacity of H111-04 100mAH LiPo Battery - H111-06 USB Charger - H111-10 Protection Cover
Current low price available on

There are micro-drones, and then there are nano-drones. The Hubsan Q4 H111 was the smallest fully-functioning remote-controlled quadcopter available on the market at the time of its release. It is only about 5 inches wide, 4 inches tall, and 2 inches thick. There is no camera on the device, but it is priced quite reasonably and is very functional.
One important feature of the Hubsan Q4 H111 is the integrated gyro stabilization. This enables the device to fly at high speeds and in tight quarters equally as well. Speaking of speed, this device is ridiculously quick, reaching incredible speeds with little acceleration time.
This quadcopter also includes LED lights on the front and the back. This is great for flying in low-light conditions and also helps to guide the device. In addition, you will be able to tell what way the device is oriented due to these LEDs. This is perfect for flying in any location imaginable.
The transmitter included with this device can work from a pretty sizeable distance. It makes use of two AAA batteries, meaning that you can just take extras along for your flying journey. All-in-all, the Hubsan Q4 H111 is a fantastic drone for beginner to intermediate fliers.

– Extremely small size
– Very quick and maneuverable
– Good transmission distance
– Gyro stabilization for the best possible flight
– Reasonable price
– LED lights for low-light conditions

Blade Nano QX RTF


Potent brushed motors
These provides smooth and powerful lift. 4-in-1 DSMX
Tough, lightweight airframe with blade guards
Small enough to fly in any room or office
It has a battery capacity of 3.7V 150mAh 25C
Current low price available on

This nano-drone can fit in the palm of your hand and weighs little more than a half an ounce. The Blade Nano QX RTF can be flown in indoor and outdoor environments. Plus, it was designed for use by beginners and includes several features to make it easy to fly regardless of experience.
One of the most important things to know about the device is that it includes a stability mode. When the sticks on the controller are released, the Blade Nano QX RTF will instantly return to a stable, hovering position. This prevents collisions and is a type of failsafe.
This tiny device is also incredibly fast and maneuverable. The tough, lightweight frame means that you can speed it through a room, office, or even outdoors without worrying about a damaging collision. It also makes use of some of the best brushed motors on the market that provide optimum power and efficiency.
The aesthetics of the device should not be discounted, either. It includes green and yellow canopies that incorporate custom graphics. This helps it to stand out from other devices and thus reflect the user’s own individuality. Thus, this device from Blade is a good choice for fliers who are looking for a strong, reliable, small, and fast drone.

– Small and lightweight
– Durable construction
– Brushed motors for ultimate power
– Stability and agility modes
– Exclusive SAFE technology
– Can be used indoors or outdoors
– Perfect for beginners
– Excellent price

Coolmade FY603


Altitude Hold and Hand Launching
Camera equiped with 0.3MP and the WiFi FPV video is streamed to an app on your phone where the video is also recorded. Video pixel is 640*480 and Pictures pixel is 720*576. WiFi FPV is notoriously difficult to use since there is always a little bit of video delay, this is overcome by including altitude hold with the quadcopter which keeps throttle stable. It allows you to focus on the direction you’re moving rather than fighting the throttle
Altitude Hold and Hand Launching
One key press to take off the quadcopter altitude holding. In this mode, the UAV always stay at the same height in the air thanks to its high-precision barometer. Hand launching allow you to throw out the drone, and its propellers and motors will start functioning, which enables it to stay in mid-air..
One Key 360°Flips Mode
With the latest technology of 6-Axis Gyro flying control system, you could press down the roll button and the transmitter will emit a "Di Di..." to enter advanced mode, choose the direction button to flip your mini quadcopter. (Leftward, Rightward, Forward, Backward 360°flip)
Current low price available on

This interesting-looking device is jam-packed with some of the best high-tech features in the drone market today. It has a unique design that includes a single frame to guard all four propellers (rather than individual propeller guards). The end result is a cool look that is also functional and durable.
Another feature that this drone exhibits is altitude holding. When the triggers are released, it will simply hold the position that it is already in (using the onboard barometer). Another feature is hand-launching – you can throw the drone into the air and it will automatically begin functioning.
The camera included on this device is a respectable one that can record video through smartphone app integration. This also allows the user to fly the device in first-person. It also mitigates the delay concern using the aforementioned altitude hold function (keeping the throttle stable).
This drone also offers acrobatic flight with the included 6-axis gyro flight system. In addition, it is able to flip and roll – all of which will be streamed to the app. This quadcopter also boasts a 12-month warranty, so your purchase will always be protected. The Coolmade FY603 is certainly one of the best devices on the market – especially for the price.

– Strong, durable design
– Maneuverable
– Easy to fly
– Hand launching and altitude hold
– First-person real-time streaming flight
– Smartphone integration
– Six-axis gyro stabilization enables acrobatic flight
– One-year warranty