This years Best Mini Drones including Small, Nano, and Camera

Discover new, industry leading, ultra portable mini drones you can take on the go

Mini drones have become increasingly popular as drone tech progresses and small drones get more features and smaller sizes. There are various small drones to choose from and have different uses.

Nano drones are commonly palm sized toy drones best suited to indoor flight. Mini drones can be acquired with or with out a camera. As most droners will be using their drones to capture aerial images, mini personal drones has become a very strong segment.

With nano technology derived from smartphones and migrated to nano drones. One can now get amazing 4K video and images with a small portable drone that fits in your pocket.

We have compiled a complete list of the best mini drones and nano drones to buy in 2017.

Best Mini Drones With Camera

Editors Pick

DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is the most advanced personal drone to date. It may not be the cheapest in it’s class but still good value considering the very capable features and small size. The spark is surprisingly tiny, around the size of a smart phone. However we are most impressed by it’s smart features allowing most anyone to fly it.  Spark can be flown via. smart phone or DJI’s optional remote controller. Simple gesture controls allow easy selfies and automated camera moves. Unlike other personal drones in it’s class it also features a front facing obstacle avoidance system for added safety. If you are looking into personal drones the Spark is a must have.


zerotech doby - selfie mini drone

ZeroTech Dobby

ZeroTech’d Dobby is a ultra compact and portable Selfie drone. Dobbies footprint is amazingly close to the same size as a smart phone when folded.  The ZeroTech Dobby is one of the first mini drones to take advantage of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 processor. This technology, derived from the smartphone industry puts powerful computing and image processing power in a nano sized package. The Dobby has a great feature set considering it small size. The integrated Sony CMOS image sensor captures aerial in 4K or 1080P stabilized HD Video. It also shoot 13MP stills. The Dobby is build as a Selfie drone for the masses and with simplicity in mind. Control is achieved using a Android or IOS device via. ZeroTech’s Do.Fun App. Stable indoor and outdoor flight is possible with the Dobbies opticalflow and glonass dual GPS sensors. This technologically packed selfie drone is easy to operate and fits in your pocket. It’s stable in the air and shoots good imagery at a reasonable price.


yuneec breeze selfie mini drone

Yuneec Breeze

Yuneecs expansion of their already successful Typhoon line into the personal or “selfie” drone sector welcomes their latest iteration the Breeze. This small mini-drone hosts some great features found in larger camera drones such as: Follow-Me, Orbit mode, pilot (manual) mode, journey mode and of course selfie modes. Like the Dobby, Yuneecs Breeze shoots 4K Video and 13MP stills on the go. Although the Breeze is very small it does not fold up making it a little more cumbersome in transport compared to the Dobby and Wingsland S6. The Breeze is very similar in spec to the Dobby but slightly higher in price. The Breeze would make a very nice travel drone that won’t break the bank.


wingsland S6 Mini drone

Wingsland S6

Wingsland have been feverishly releasing products to gain traction in this fast evolving drone industry. There recent model named S6 is a direct competitor to the Dobby and Breeze. The S6 is a very strong contender at that. Wingsland has gone bold with bright colour options (Camouflage, Green Blood, Metallic Silver, Banana, Fresh Orange, Subtle Acqua) and gimmicky add-on’s. Top mount attachments allow the addition of a search light, toy gun, obstacle avoidance sensor and a emoji LCD. The S6 is not all looks and gimmicks and harnesses many the powerful features found in it’s competitors such as: GPS, Optical Flow, follow me and 4K video shooting. Like the Dobby the S6 easily folds palm sized and ready to slip into your back pocket. The S6 is priced very competitively and could become the go to selfie drone given some time for software refinements. For portability and cool colours the Wingsland S6 is worth a look.


hovercam drone with camera

HoverCam Passport

The HoverCam Passort personal camera drone folds like book and shoots 4K video. The Passports ultra portable design is what differentiates it from it’s competitors. Many in it’s class have folding arms but HoverCam does it a little different. The arms are also propeller guards and part of a integral design. When transporting the Passport you simply fold it like a book. When you are ready to fly the drone folds open and connects to your smart device. This little drone like others will follow you while keeping in frame. Speaking of frame. The Passort is no cheep plastic toy. It’s constructed of durable carbon fiber materials. For ultra portable 4K video and 13mp stills the Passort by HoverCam is a great option.