FPV Drone Buyers Guide for the Ultimate in Drone Racing

Find the best in class racing drone systems to dominate the competition

In the market for a FPV Drone? While get ready to embrace the exhilarating drone racing scene and dominate the competition! Race drones and accessories are hitting the market fast and furious. Stay on top of what hot and leading edge today.

We hand select the ultimate copters ranging in different price points and class. This comprehensive guide is the first step to ensuring you select the ideal FPV drone.

Racing drones can be custom built, purchased as a kit or even come pre- assembled. For beginner racers we recommend getting a turn key RTF kit. Once you have mastered the basics you can get into faster custom built racers.

Drone racing is a up coming hobby with leagues, teams and even sponsored professional racers. Some events require your done to operate on specific FPV channels as well as a tracker or timing system.

FPV Racers – Drone Racing Segment

TBS Vendetta Racer
Editors Pick

TBS Vendetta

The Team BlackSheep Vendetta is TBS’s latest FPV racer poised to dominate the racing scene. What sets this racer apart is it’s full carbon fiber cassis.Precisely milled on a 4-axis CNC machine the carbon airframe is undoubtably strong and lightweight. Weight and strength are the primary key features we look for in a quality racer. The Vendetta’s modular design is well thought out. All parts are designed to be easily exchanged and or user replaced. The plug and play components are solderless for quick field repairs. From box to aire in 5 minutes, TBS has designed this unit to be user friendly. Included with the Vendetta is TBS’s line of FPV components. ZeroUAV FPV Camera, TBS Powercube, TBS Core PRO, and built in On secreen display. TBS is shipping the Vendetta quadcopter with pre-tunned settings and gains. We think the Vendetta is going to be a real winner. With it’s aggressive design, strong CNC milled airframe and TBS’s trusted line of components it will not disappoint.


Immersion RC Vortex Racing FPV Quadcopter BEST

Immersion RC Vortex

Immersion RC have become industry leaders for FPV gear. Their Airwave video transmitters offer good range and clear image quality. This same level of quality has been adopted in the Vortex Racing drone. This 285mm racer was one of the first to offer a integrated design. The flight controller, OSD, 350mw Nextwave VTX can be found on a single mainboard design. Components are easily replaced with it’s modular design. The airframe is composed of carbon and injected plastic. Running Cleanflight and pro-tuner you be be assured this racer will be a performer.


walkera furious 320 fpv drone gps

Walkera Furious 320

The Walkera 320 is a whole new breed of FPV racing drones. A little larger than most but has some very innovative features. Walkera designed this little quad to pack some serious punch. This little bugger can really move with speeds of up to 120k per hour. Like most racers the Furious can rotate, flip and roll freely. For aggressive flight the motorized arms will articulate in forward motion maximizing speed. Where this racer gets interesting is it’s HD camera and GPS capabilities. It’s almost a hybrid racer / camera drone. This is a very appealing feature. When not racing you can use it to capture some aerial photos or videos. Mind you the quality will not be that of a purpose built camera drone. The Furious 320 may not be the cheapest racing drone for sale. But with it’s game changing performance, included devo 7 radio and high end feature set we would have to say its great value overall.


Align MR25 racer

Align MR25 

Align is well known for manufacturing some of the best 3D heli’s in the world. Naturally, they have been following industry trends with their line of multirotor systems. The MR25 is Aligns first FPV racer and it may just be one of the best. Align did their market research. This little 250mm racer is feature packed. The MR is the first of it’s kind to offer Bluetooth connectivity via smartphone app. The App enables preameter configuration, settings, led adjustments and more. When in flight the MR has horizon compensation due to it’s single axis FPV camera gimbal system. If you prefer the camera can be locked in as well. Navigation is a breeze with the integrated OSD and high intensity, customizable navigation lights. Also features a HD DVR, adjustable arms,  5.8ghz video downlink, master power switch, OSD Telemetry, 2300KV race motors, break and turn signals, plus much more! If you are in the market for a racer we recommend you check this one out.


walkera garlus fpv F210 drone uav racer

Walkera Garlus F210 

Walkera’s Garlus F210 seems to be a step up from their previous 250 racer. I terms of build quality the F210 has thicker carbon plates, decent motors, battery bay, and good FPV set-up. Where the Garlus really stands out is it has a integrated Night Vision camera. As night racing becomes more popular so may the Garlus. The ESC’s are plug and play which makes for easy field repairs. Keep in mind the Plug and Play aspect makes the parts preparatory. The F210 is a great little racer we would recommend to anyone looking for a affordable out of the box mini racer.