DJI Agras MG-1 Drone

DJI enters the agriculture industry – Agras MG-1

Dji Innovation’s has announced today they will be introducing a new commercial drone to the market. The new Drone named Agras MG-1, is a purpose built crop-spraying agricultural drone. The Agras MG-1 smart drone will be capable of autonomous crop dusting missions. It’s corrosion, dust, and water resistant and can be folded and rinsed for safe, easy transport and storage. The MG-1’s powerful yet efficient eight rotor propulsion system can carry more than 10kg of chemical solution and cover 10 acres per hour. DJI claims their new system is over 40 times more-efficient than manual spraying. Flying up to eight meters per second, the Agras proportions spray intensity to flying speed, ensuring effective coverage.

Agras MG-1 Banner feature


“The launch of DJI’s agricultural drone displays our unmatched knowledge base and development skills,” said DJI CEO and founder Frank Wang. “With this new product, we’ve shown that DJI can not only offer the ultimate aerial experience for the mass consumer, but also improve the efficiency of production and benefit so many others in all walks of life.”

 The Agras MG-1 features DJI’s famous industry leading flight control system. Additionally, the MG-1 uses new microwave radar technology that allows the Agras to fly within cm accurate tolerances. During flight the Mg-1 Drone scans its terrain to determine vegetation elevation and maintains a optimal distance to extrude product efficiently. Agras dones will have 3 flight modes depending on terrain and or user experience. Full auto, semi auto, and manual modes will offer the greatest control. Independent yet integrated, the Agras features a pump feed extrusion system with 4 ceramic nozzles. The hardened ceramic nozzles will be good for thousands of hours and can be user replaced.

The Agras is designed with commercial use in mind. The workhorse will be performing hour long missions day in day out. DJI has taken this into account by housing sensitive electronics within the body and incorporating  a centrifugal cooling system designed to extend motor life by up to three times. The solution extrusion system features filtration devices to further extend nozzle life. This triple-filtration process cuts off the intake of mist, dust and large particulates to reduce wear from impurities. As air enters the front intake it is filtered and passes through the aircraft’s chassis to the motors, capturing components heat throughout the entire structure. Heat is then dissipated into the ambient air.

Agras MG-1 Folding for storage

Safety is always a concern. The Dones intelligent flight control system will keep a eye on fluid levels and automatically return to launch for a re-fill. The MG-1 will then carry on to its last memory point to pick up spraying where it left off. The Agras MG-1 will tentatively be released in Asian markets before it finds it’s way to Canada and US markets. Keep your eye on as we release updated Agras MG-1 information and specifications.

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