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Some facts you need to know before buying a DJI Drone

If you are researching or looking to buy a drone the probability of buying a DJI drone is very high. Why? Because they have dominated the market and offer the best drones with the most advanced features for the money. There is no other company that offers anything close to DJI’s offerings. So why must you read this? Well surprisingly there are still very few people that know about these little hidden secrets that can save you hundreds of dollars off you next DJI order. Additionally, simply have a best DJI buying experience as possible. This is not to promote DJI’s online store but to share our experience and discoveries.


It makes a difference where you buy your DJI drone

You have decided on which DJI model to purchase. Now where to buy? Well there are tones of local speciality stores as well as big box stores selling DJI products. What it comes down to is service and price. If you can find the lowest price and still get good service you have found a winner. So which store offers both the best price and service? DJI’s very own Drone store. Yes some may argue that DJI’s service is not on par but they have come along way and arguably offer some of the best enduser support today. A quick visit to DJI’s support page offers phone, email, and live chat. From our experience the chat is running 24/7 and they are prompt to answer our questions.


Warranty issues and repairs

DJI offers a 1 year warranty on most of their products. However it’s the warranty process that can be problematic. If you have purchased your DJI product from a local retailer, box store, or online store, they will be your point of contact for warranty issues. This may not always be an issue but if for instance your local retailer ran out of stock they would not be able to exchange your faulty equipment until they re-stock. Where if you order from DJI’s store you are almost assured they will have stock to replace defective gear as they ship direct from their factory. DJI is forever changing warranty policies with their dealers. Many times after a grace period of 10 days from when you purchased from a retailer, your dealer must first go through DJI to approve the warranty. This can delay and over complicate your warranty process.


Get it first

This is a big advantage to DJI store customers. Because DJI prioritizes it’s in-house orders over dealer shipments. You can, in most cases get a newly released DJI product well before your local dealer. We recently verified this by pre-ordering a DJI Spark Fly More Combo on the DJI Online Store. Sure enough we received our Fly More combo and all local and even national dealers had yet to receive their stock. If you want to be the first to receive a newly announced DJI drone then order direct off their store as soon as they have officially announced the product.


Crazy Fast Shipping

This is what turns most of us off. Who wants to wait for shipping? This is where DJI surprised us on their logistics and efficiency. Because they ship from their factory direct in China we were a little skeptical that it would arrive in under a month. Lets face it we have all have experienced the 1 month China order. This is not the case with DJI. They have a very strong relationship with logistic providers such as DHL and Fed-Ex. Because they ship such high volumes every day they get premium rates and service. This results is very fast shipping from China. Many times faster than shipping within our own country. Basically if the order is not a pre-order and in stock, shipping from DJI’s factory to the USA or Canada, you can expect a 5 day delivery period. This is great for a free shipping service.


Best price in the world

This is the real game changer in our opinion. You can save hundreds of your hard earned dollars off your next DJI order. DJI and all authorized dealers are subject to sell at MAP pricing. This means all must sell at or above DJI’s manufacture pricing guide. Any dealers selling below this pricing can be subject to termination and the ability to re-sell DJI products. So you must be carful when buying from a store selling below DJI’s pricing. If after you purchase and they get a penalty from DJI you may have troubles with warranty replacements. So if all retailers must sell at the same price how do you save hundreds of dollars? TAX. Yes, DJI actually pays the tax and shipping fees on all their Online Store orders. In other words when you order off the DJI Store, what you see is what you pay. No additional fees upon delivery such as duty, tax, broker fees etc. This is a big savings considering local tax rates can range from 5-20% depending of where you live.


Bonus credits

DJI sweetens the deal buy offering a 1% bonus credit on all orders. This is a royalty credit to be used on feature purchases from DJI’s online store. 1% may seem like peanuts but after few drone purchases you will be surprised how it adds up fast. Some retailers also offer bonus credits or reward programs. Although many have discontinued their bonus programs due to decreasing margins and increased competition.


We are not saying to avoid your local retailers or box stores. But for those people who would like to buy DJI authorized products at the best possible prices… We recommend you buy your drone and accessories direct from the DJI Store. Free shipping, no tax, no duty, no broker fees, instant 24h support chat, fastest delivery on pre-orders, most trusted source to buy from. DJI makes it very hard to buy from a retailer with these very welcoming perks.

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