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So what are the Best FPV Goggles for 2019?

After months of testing different goggles including many popular sets my friends and club owners use. I came out with 3 of the very best FPV goggles that check all boxes for pixel peepers, value seekers and budget buyers.

Before we dig into the guide, let me tell you how you just can't live without owning a great pair of FPV goggles. But more importantly, buying the right pair can make or break your overall FPV experience. 

I never thought FPV goggles would be this amazing

I got into the drone scene years back flying and retailing professionally. I had not really considered flying FPV for fun. At the time, hobby  FPV was really non existent and FPV set ups were primarily screen based using heavy home grade video transmitters (professional set-ups). Short time later Fatshark released a integrated goggle solution that allowed the pilot to get an immersive experience. This was a game changer.

But this set up was far from perfect

Using miniaturized analog video transmitters you could broadcast video from your drone to the fatshark headset in real time. This was great in theory but the range and radio signal was weak and un-reliable.

Video breakup was enviable and crashes were unavoidable

Just slightly out of range or flying behind a tree is all it would take to send your done flying away or into a tree. As disappointing as this may sound the experience of FPV flying was still pretty amazing. After many crashes I backed out of FPV flying and focused on my drone company.

This was until the FPV scene exploded and new game changing, innovative products hit the market

Now there are still basic analog FPV systems available today, but they have come along ways. And honestly analog is still the preferred set-up for drone racing. There is instant zero latency (video delay) video that is essential when flying fast, in and around obstacles or racing with friends.

Better transmitters, antennas and goggles have increased range, better penetration and improved video quality. But you still need to pick up a reliable system like those covered in this guide. Anything less and you could be setting yourself up for disappointment.

What about those who simply want the ultimate experience of first person flight in crystal clear HD

Have you ever dreamed of flying or what it may feel like to be a bird? I did before flying FPV the first time.  Lucky for you there are some amazing HD FPV sets that will give you a stunning aerial journey like no other.

Although analog set-ups are great for racing they don’t offer the level clarity or experience you can get with a digital HD system. I always have a blast racing FPV but I would have to say just exploring from above in HD is breathtaking to say the least.

So this all sounds amazing, but what goggles will offer this level of experience?

Well I have devised this guide to help you pick the perfect set. After years of testing different sets from different brands I have found the holy grail of FPV goggles! In this guide I have hand picked sets for both FPV Racers and Casual HD FPV use as well as my top flagship set, best value goggles and budget pick.

Short on time? No problem, check out the top 3 choices in the quick chart below

Ultimate Goggle

Fatshark Dominator HD3



  • High resolution and great field of view
  • Displays are bright and contrasty 
  • Full HD support with HDMI connection


  • High price point. To be expected for premium goggles
  • I would expect a little better DVR performance
  • If you are not a pixel peeper the Dom V3 are better value

The FatShark Dominator HD3 is their flagship goggle and it comes at a cost. However the clarity and excellent contrast really make these a standout google for me. Currently the HD3's are my go-to goggles. 

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Super Value

omway commander goggles

Aomway Commander



  • Switchable aspect ratio (4:3 / 16:9) 
  • Supports 3D
  • Built-in DVR


  • Fit and finish could be better
  • The set tested seemed to have corner focus issues
  • Small discomfort after prolonged use

Overall I would highly recommend these as a excellent starter goggle. They are priced very competitive given the included feature set. Mu only real gripe is the corner focus was a little off and there was a little discomfort after long use.

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Budget Pick

Eachine EV800D



  • Built-In DVR
  • Large 5" Screen
  • 40ch diversity receiver supports RaceBand


  • Bulky but to be expected for box style goggles
  • Can't be used with eye glasses
  • Build is on the cheeper side 

For a beginner goggle set the Eachine EV880D's a a great choice. When tested they preformed really well as the 5.8G diversity receivers kept the video feed clear, even in challenging situations with obstructions. 

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Now Let's take a closer look at the top 3 goggles of 2019

There has to be a standout product in any industry. This years top pick for a killer FPV racing goggle set is with out a doubt the Fatshark Dominator HD3. The HD3 is a great all round goggle that seems to do a great job at everything. This is the goggle I would recommend to anyone looking for the very best.

" The Fatshark Dominator HD3 may not be a drastic upgrade from the V3's but I can say with out doubt these are better in every regard. They have now become my primary go-to googles. If you are a pixel peeper like me then I suggest you take a serious look at the Dominator HD3's."  

Fatshark Dominator HD3

Fatshark Dominator V3

One of the more affordable options that is still capable of HD video and includes a ton of awesome features is Fat Shark’s Dominator V3 headset. This compact pair of goggles was designed for use by both casual and professional pilots – and has a feature set to match. Some of the most cutting-edge technology has been included in this high-tech headset.

The most important part of any pair of goggles is the inclusion of a solid video reception system. The Fat Shark Dominator V3 headset supports live-streaming 720p HD footage and can render digital footage in a 16:9 aspect ratio. It also can handle analog input easily, making this one of the more flexible designs out there.

Those who like to customize their devices will also appreciate this headset. The Dominator V3 has a modular design, so receiver modules and head trackers (along with other peripherals) can be swapped out easily. This means that you can customize this Fat Shark headset to work with virtually any device. For example, you might want to use an analog receiver to capture footage (just slide it into an empty modular bay).

Fat Shark’s Dominator V3 is a well-constructed and durable pair of goggles. The customizability and versatility of the headset lends itself well to all sorts of applications. Racers, casual fliers, and even filmmakers will benefit from using this headset – especially when you consider all of the visual capabilities that it incorporates, even in such a slim, sleek, and small package.

Aomway Commander

omway commander goggles

Aomway Commander

Another influential supplier of first-person-capable flight goggles is Aomway. Their Commander headset is HD- and 3D-capable and also includes many features that are important to discuss. This professional-grade first-person headset is priced reasonably – especially for all of the aspects that have been incorporated into the design of these goggles.

Arguably the most important specification to discuss when talking about FPV goggles is the visual capabilities of the device. The Aomway Commander boasts an impressive ability to render images in up to a 16:9 aspect ratio (using WVGA) and also offers a 32-degree field of view. In addition, Video and HDMI 3D modes are supported to help you achieve the most immersive flying experience.

The biggest draw that the Aomway Commander headset offers is the adjustability of the device. The brightness and contrast, for example, can be readily adjusted with external switches (among some other features). You can also make use of aftermarket TF cards to drastically improve the storage space of the onboard DVR, adding up to 32 gigabytes of extra space.

You won’t regret purchasing an Aomway Commander goggle set when you are enjoying crisp, real-time HD footage during your drone flights. It is reliable with commendable capabilities as far as video transmission and recording go. In addition, it is comfortable to wear due to the onboard fan. It will never fog up on you either, due to the anti-fog coating on the internal lens. The Aomway Commander headset is, altogether, a great device with a lot of excellent features.

Eachine EV800D

Eachine EV800D

For budget FPV goggles, you don’t need to look any further than Eachine. They manufacture some great devices at affordable prices without sacrificing too much performance. The EV800D is no exception – this headset is perfect for use in many different drone-flying applications. It incorporates high-tech features that work well for a lot of applications.

The display on the EV800D is a 5-inch HD LCD screen that can render footage in 800x480p. While this isn’t the most high-definition rendering available today, it is perfectly suitable for all sorts of uses. This particular model has been tuned specifically for FPV racing and boasts real-time reception and display of what your drone’s onboard cameras see.

The EV800D also incorporates a state-of-the-art receiver. It is a diversity receiving module that scans through 40 channels and features a dedicated RaceBand. It also auto-searches, so you won’t need to spend any time flipping through channels to try to find the right one. In addition, this receiver is high-efficiency and ensures a low-latency flight.

Overall, one of the best budget headsets can be found in the EV800D. It is a high-tech but affordable option for any drone pilot. It can be used for racing or even recording footage due to the onboard DVR, as well. Whether you are a racer, a filmmaker, or just a casual pilot, you can get high-quality first-person views without it hitting your wallet too hard if you choose the Eachine EV800D.