This years Best Drones for Kids and Beginners

Discover this years top copters for young flyers and new pilots. Affordable yet easy to fly systems are the best way to get started.

There are some considerations when looking for the top drones for kids. Not all drone types are safe for beginners. Larger drones have powerful motors with sharp propellers spinning at high rates. Contact with such systems can cause serious harm.

For kids starting out we recommend nano sized drones or small drones with propeller protection. Most of our best kids drones and beginner drone suggestions below have included propeller guards. It is also highly recommended that all flights are accompanied by an adult.

Generally drones larger than a nano size may also fall under current regulations restricting flight in certain areas. Visit our drone safety and 101 pages for more information. Also local aviation authority sites such as FAA and Transport Canada are a good resource for the latest regulations in your area. The following guides are drone recommendations best suited to new flyers and kids.

The more advanced drones will features autonomous features such as position and altitude hold. These drones although higher prices will be far easier to operate than the basic toy grade quadcopter. If you budget allows we recommend buying a copter with either altitude hold, position hold, IOC Orientation Control, GPS position hold or even better all the above.

bebop 2 beginner drone
Parrot Bebop 2
Editors Pick

Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot’s products are usually top of our list as they offer great quality and value. Although the bebop 2 may not be the cheapest beginner drones we think it’s one of the best. You can get far cheaper drones but if you want something that will last the bebop 2 is worth a look. The Bebop features a 14mp camera as well as 1080P HD video recording. With up to 25min of flight time this little drone may be best in class for endurance. The Bebop also has some integrated smart functions such as object tracking, follow me and GPS modes. If your budget allows for it you can get this drone in a FPV version. This includes a long range radio controller named Skycontroller2 as well as FPV goggles. The bebop is a great starter drone and fun for the whole family.


  • Advanced 7 sensor flight controller
  • Camera records 1080P videos and 14MP Stills
  • High endurance flight times up to 25min
  • Full PFV kit available
  • Integrated 3-Axis image stabilization
ar drone
Parrot AR Drone

Parrot AR Drone

When we think of Parrot we think of the AR Drone. One on the first hobby drones to pioneer the industry. Although the AR drone is priced higher than many toy drones the GPS version has some advanced features that are found in higher end camera drones. Position hold and return home will help new pilots build confidence in flying. The AR Drone 2.0 now comes in 3 version. The Power, GPS and Elite editions. AR Drone has a removable outer guard made of foam for added safety and crash protection. The AR drones also include a built in camera for on-board video recording in 720p. The AR drone is a good choice for a kids drone with a build in camera.


  • Fly from a smart phone or tablet
  • Removable foam crash cage suitable for indoor or outdoor flight
  • 720P live HD video streaming
  • GPS version available with return to home function
  • WiFi FPV video downlink
parrot swing
Parrot Swing

Parrot Swing 

Parrot’s swing makes it’s way to the top as there is nothing like it. Takes off like a quadcopter drone then switches to a plane when put in motion. The Swing will satisfy any kid seeking a fast flying action drone. Set up an obstacle course and race with your friends.  The Swing has built in aerobatic functions to effortlessly perform stunts in mid flight. There is also a boost mode to unleash the Swings full potential. The free apps gives the pilot realtime data such as battery life and estimated flight time remaining. This hybird drone offers great value and functionality. Pick up a Swing for hours or countless fun.


  • Quadcopter / Plane hybrid – Take off like a quad than switch to plane mode for speed
  • Different stunt modes
  • Pilot at a distance of up to 60m away
  • Strong light weight foam construction
  • Game console style remote controller
parrot mambo
Parrot Mambo

Parrot Mambo 

The Parrot Mambo is a really fun mini drone full of surprises. After you have mastered basic flight you can perform flips and tricks. The Mambo also has additional attachments to grab small objects (up to 4grams) as well as shoot small plastic balls. The Mambo is controlled by a smartphone or Parrots flypad controller. For countless hours of fun we put this toy drone at the top of our list.


  • Fun attachments such as a cannon and grabber
  • High tech sensors for excellent stability
  • Acrobatics such as flips and rolls
  • Optional flypad controller extends range to 200 feet
  • Can be controlled using Smart Phone app

UDI 818A HD+

The UDI has been one of the best selling beginner quads to date. With thousands sold on Amazon alone. It’s very attractive price tag would have alot to do with that. Although it’s not just a bargain it also has some great features as well. For beginners the props are inset into the airframe. This adds a level of safety similar to propeller guards. Also makes it more suitable to indoor flight as well. The 818 comes as a kit with all the goodies you need to get in the air. Although not much a bonus feature anymore the 818 has a built-in FPV system. With a small mounted FPV camera the UDI will send a live feed to the screen in the radio control so the operator can see what the drone sees in real time. This is a great all round starter drone that is also a great trainer for those looking to get into the FPV racing scene.

syma drone
Syma X5SW-V3

Syma X5SW-V3

Syma X5SW is by far one of the best value and best selling starter drones for a reason. Syma really gives you great value with this quadcopter. There are few drones in this price point that features IOC. IOC is basically an orientation control function. IOC is a very likeable feature for learning how to control a quadcopter in all orientations such as nose in and nose out. In addition to the Syma’s stable flight characteristics it also features a WiFi FPV system and HD camera. By connecting you smartphone to the X5SW-V3 you can take pictures, videos and see a first person view from the belly mounted camera. Just don’t expect stable high quality footage as this is just a very affordable beginner drone.

tozo beginner drone
Tozo Q2020

Tozo Q2020 

Tozo’s q2020 is a excellent choice for beginners. The q2020 was manufactured with beginners in mind. This little drone has some amazing features for a drone at it’s price point. One standout feature is it’s orientation feature. When learning to fly quadcopters one of the hardest thing to learn is the drones orientation to the operator. When the nose is pointing away from the operator the drones operates as normal. However as soon as the nose yaw in any direction the controls become reversed. Flying a quadcopter in any orientation takes practice and skill. With the q2020 if you loose track of the drones orientation you can enable a mode to switch the control as you are flying nose out. This is a great feature for beginners. Also like others in it’s class it has altitude hold and very stable flight. This guy would be a great trainer as a disposable price.

Air Hogs Falcon
Air Hogs Falcon

Air Hogs Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon 

Star Wars fan or not the Air Hogs Falcon is a blast. It’s suited for indoor or clam day flight but very stable and easy to fly. Air Hogs have done a good job of turning the Millennium Falcon into a quadcopter for the masses. The Falcon has some fun features such as front and rear LED lighting, sound effects from the radio, hyper space button for a quick power burst and more. The radio controller offers full 4 channel control similar to more advanced drones. Air Hogs also makes a whole line of Star Wars drones worth checking out.