2017 Best Drones For Sale Complete Guide | Professional | Mini | FPV and Pocket

The ProPhotoUAV Best drones for sale list is a reliable source of information for anyone looking for the perfect multirotor system. We hand select the ultimate systems in all drone categories such as: Camera Drones, Professional Drones, Mini Drones, FPV Drones and even Toy Drones. This comprehensive guide is the first step to ensuring you select the ideal drone kit. Not all copters are created equal. With a wide selection of units ranging in value, price, and functionality it can be hard deciding on a top drone. Our list is based on value, quality, functionality, ease of use and fun factor. Our list is not intended as a in depth review for each product, but a quick, easy reference guide to simplify and help you decide which flying camera is the best choice for you.

Camera Drones – Top Drones with Cameras

dji mavic pro

DJI Mavic Pro 

The DJI MAVIC Pro is a drone for the masses. It’s small compact size, feature set and price will make it a top choice for most anyone. The MAVIC holds our #1 position as it satisfies most all the functionality we look for in a drone. Powerful features such as: obstacle avoidance, long light times, extended range, stabilized 4K imagery and of course it’s ultra compact size. The only drawback is the MAVIC’s tiny image sensor introduces more noise and a slightly soft image. If you are looking for broadcast quality footage the MAVIC may not be for you. For everyone else we highly recommend this amazing camera drone.


DJI Phantom 4 MainMenu Pic - ProPhotoUAV

DJI Phantom 4 PRO

The DJI Phantom series are DJI’s best selling drone and may be the worlds best seller as well. The latest Phantom 4 PRO finds a sweet spot between image quality and portability. Although not as portable as the MAVIC it still produces a superior video and image. The Phantom 4 PRO’s features set an industry standard and even exceed those found in it’s flagship sibling the Inspire 1. With built in obstacle avoidance, active tracking, and great 4K video quality. If video quality is your number one concern the Phantom 4 PRO will still be the best choice with value in mind. If you can sacrifice a little image quality the MAVIC has a similar feature found the phantom 4 at a fraction of the size, weight and for less money.


dji inspire 1 raw

DJI Inspire 1 PRO

The DJI Inspire 1 PRO is a great choice for serious filmmakers. The Inspire packs some serious punch for the money. Although the PRO model is priced higher than most turn-key drone kits, it’s still excellent value all things considered. Alternatives will require a much larger platform fitted with DSLR type cameras. Like all current DJI drones the Inspire 1 uses the DJI GoApp with HD Lightbridge technology. For users with stringent high production requirements the Inspire PRO RAW is also available. It’s size is larger than most main stream camera drones but still very portable. If you need pro quality imagery in a small size the Inspire 1 PRO will be a great fit.


best drones hexacopter

Yuneec Typhoon H

The Yuneec Typhoon H is unique in that it has a 6 rotor propulsion system. The extra 2 rotors provide more lift and power but more importantly, redundancy. Traditionally on a quadcopter if any one of the motors, esc’s or propellers were to fail the drone would loose control and crash. With the Typhoon H loosing a motor or a broken prop will not be an issue. Another distinct advantage the H has over is rivals is the fact the camera has 360 degrees of rotation. This functionality is only found on the high priced DJI Inspire 1. When used in dual operator mode the Typhoon’s camera can be controlled independently. As a added option the typhoon can be flown using Yuneec’s Wizard Wand. Control of the Typhoon is achieved by simply pointing the wand to the desired destination and the H handles the reset. The only downside to the Typhoon H is it’s range is limited in comparison to DJI’s products and for Image quality the DJI Phantom still has a edge. The Typhoon offers excellent value and should be top on your list of drones to consider.


gopro karma top drone

GoPro Karma Drone

The GoPro Karma, GoPro’s first and long anticipated drone is value focused. GoPro set-forth to really create a product that could function as not only a drone but a portable creative platform. Following GoPro’s legacy as a leading action camera manufacture, the Karma can be easily folded up for compact transport and outdoor adventure. One standout feature is the removable gimbal system. The GoPro Hero 5 camera and stabilizer can be quickly removed from the Karma and used to capture all your non aerial footage. Then re-inserted into the Karma for all your aerials. This is very appealing to adventure seekers who need to pack light. One kit does it all. The Karma may not be as refined or feature rich in comparison to it’s competitor the Phantom 4 or MAVIC, but it’s rugged all in one design and user simplicity will be very welcoming to many. If you are a outdoor adventure seeker the Karma is a great kit for the money.


Professional Drones – Top Commercial Drones

dji inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2

The DJI Inspire 2 has found a top spot in our professional category when paired to DJI’s powerful x5R camera. The Inspire 2 has many distinct features that set it apart from it’s predecessor the inspire 1. These powerful features make the inspire 2 a viable choice for professional applications. The Inspire 2 has enhanced safety features such as dual batteries, IMUs, compass and barometers. Additionally the I2 adds a obstacle avoidance system and front mount pilot FPV camera. The optional X5s camera produces amazing cinematic 5K footage normally only found on larger platforms costing far more. The Inspire 2 could very well become the new industry standard for professional filmmakers alike.


m600 best drone list DJI
DJI M600

DJI Matrice M600

DJI’s M600 hold position #1 in our commercial category, not because it the best professional drone but for the value and features this drone offers. Their are many commercial grade drones available today all built to handle different tasks. The M600 does a great job of offering good quality without breaking the bank. This platform is specifically designed for high-end aerial cinema but can also be used for mapping and data acquisition. It’s powerful enough to lift small film camera such as the RED and Aerri. DJI’s latest gimbal named “Ronin MX” is perfectly paired to the M600 and can also support broadcast quality cinema cameras. For those looking to use this system as a mapper, DJI has added support for they popular X Series cameras. When fitted with the X3 or XT thermal one can expect 35+ minutes in the air. Endurance is crucial for mapping area coverage. Flying wings and Vtol are still king for mapping but the convenience and value this platform offers is hard to ignore. If you need to lift heavy payloads (13lbs) and don’t have tens of thousands to invest in a rig, the M600 should be top on your list.


freefly alta commercial drone

FreeFly Alta 8

The FreeFly Alta is a powerful AP rig with a unique folding design that makes transportation a breeze. It’s still no DJI MAVIC but for a heavy lifter it packs down surprisingly small. FreeFly’s ALTA is derived form their popular MOVI gimbals. They were one of the first companies to develop a high quality plug and play handheld gimbal system. These brushless stabilizers revolutionized the film industry. It’s this stabilization technology that has made it’s way into the Alta’s Synapse flight control system. The Alta is built on a sturdy carbon fibre airframe with a convenient collapsing arm system. The Alta is also available in a 6 or 8 rotor configuration. The 6 rotor is a little underpowered for a full professional cinema rig set-up, so we would recommend the Alta 8 for it’s additional payload capabilities. The ALTA is priced higher than it’s DJI competition, although the professional build quality helps justify this price. FreeFly’s ALTA is geared for aerial filmmaking as the camera can be mounted above or below the airframe for more dynamic shots. If you want a system that does not require preparatory batteries and accessories, plus high end build quality, the ALTA may be a good fit.


DJI Matrice M100 Drone
DJI M100

DJI Matrice M100

DJI’s M100 or Matrice 100 on it’s own is a good drone with a relatively small footprint and good endurance. It doesn’t fold up like it’s larger M600 but smaller in size and still very manageable. Where the M100 really shines is when it’s paired up with powerful 3rd party software. DJI Has enabled the M100 to be developer friendly opening a world of data acquisition possibilities. Developers such as PIX4D and DroneDeploy have created user friendly apps to automate the aerial mapping workflow. PrecisionHawk has provided a powerful solution for farmers and the agri industry with their “smart farmer” packages. For custom applications such as Mapping, Volumetric’s, Multispectral, Thermal, Inspections and SAR the Matrice M100 is a very capable professional drone.


Mini Drones – Pocket Sized Selfie Drones for Personal use


DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is the most advanced personal drone to date. It may not be the cheapest in it’s class but still good value considering the very capable features and small size. The spark is surprisingly tiny, around the size of a smart phone. However we are most impressed by it’s smart features allowing most anyone to fly it.  Spark can be flown via. smart phone or DJI’s optional remote controller. Simple gesture controls allow easy selfies and automated camera moves. Unlike other personal drones in it’s class it also features a front facing obstacle avoidance system for added safety. If you are looking into personal drones the Spark is a must have. Check out all the features of the spark on DJI’s product page here.


zerotech doby - selfie mini drone

ZeroTech Dobby

ZeroTech’d Dobby is a ultra compact and portable Selfie drone. Dobbies footprint is amazingly close to the same size as a smart phone when folded.  The ZeroTech Dobby is one of the first mini drones to take advantage of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 processor. This technology, derived from the smartphone industry puts powerful computing and image processing power in a nano sized package. The Dobby has a great feature set considering it small size. The integrated Sony CMOS image sensor captures aerial in 4K or 1080P stabilized HD Video. It also shoot 13MP stills. The Dobby is build as a Selfie drone for the masses and with simplicity in mind. Control is achieved using a Android or IOS device via. ZeroTech’s Do.Fun App. Stable indoor and outdoor flight is possible with the Dobbies opticalflow and glonass dual GPS sensors. This technologically packed selfie drone is easy to operate and fits in your pocket. It’s stable in the air and shoots good imagery at a reasonable price.


yuneec breeze selfie mini drone

Yuneec Breeze

Yuneecs expansion of their already successful Typhoon line into the personal or “selfie” drone sector welcomes their latest iteration the Breeze. This small mini-drone hosts some great features found in larger camera drones such as: Follow-Me, Orbit mode, pilot (manual) mode, journey mode and of course selfie modes. Like the Dobby, Yuneecs Breeze shoots 4K Video and 13MP stills on the go. Although the Breeze is very small it does not fold up making it a little more cumbersome in transport compared to the Dobby and Wingsland S6. The Breeze is very similar in spec to the Dobby but slightly higher in price. The Breeze would make a very nice travel drone that won’t break the bank.


wingsland S6 Selfie Drone Mini

Wingsland S6

Wingsland have been feverishly releasing products to gain traction in this fast evolving drone industry. There recent model named S6 is a direct competitor to the Dobby and Breeze. The S6 is a very strong contender at that. Wingsland has gone bold with bright colour options (Camouflage, Green Blood, Metallic Silver, Banana, Fresh Orange, Subtle Acqua) and gimmicky add-on’s. Top mount attachments allow the addition of a search light, toy gun, obstacle avoidance sensor and a emoji LCD. The S6 is not all looks and gimmicks and harnesses many the powerful features found in it’s competitors such as: GPS, Optical Flow, follow me and 4K video shooting. Like the Dobby the S6 easily folds palm sized and ready to slip into your back pocket. The S6 is priced very competitively and could become the go to selfie drone given some time for software refinements. For portability and cool colours the Wingsland S6 is worth a look.


FPV Drones – First Person View and Racers

TBS Vendetta Racer

TBS Vendetta

The Team BlackSheep Vendetta is TBS’s latest FPV racer poised to dominate the racing scene. What sets this racer apart is it’s full carbon fiber cassis.Precisely milled on a 4-axis CNC machine the carbon airframe is undoubtably strong and lightweight. Weight and strength are the primary key features we look for in a quality racer. The Vendetta’s modular design is well thought out. All parts are designed to be easily exchanged and or user replaced. The plug and play components are solderless for quick field repairs. From box to aire in 5 minutes, TBS has designed this unit to be user friendly. Included with the Vendetta is TBS’s line of FPV components. ZeroUAV FPV Camera, TBS Powercube, TBS Core PRO, and built in On secreen display. TBS is shipping the Vendetta quadcopter with pre-tunned settings and gains. We think the Vendetta is going to be a real winner. With it’s aggressive design, strong CNC milled airframe and TBS’s trusted line of components it will not disappoint.


Immersion RC Vortex Racing FPV Quadcopter BEST

Immersion RC Vortex

Immersion RC have become industry leaders for FPV gear. Their Airwave video transmitters offer good range and clear image quality. This same level of quality has been adopted in the Vortex Racing drone. This 285mm racer was one of the first to offer a integrated design. The flight controller, OSD, 350mw Nextwave VTX can be found on a single mainboard design. Components are easily replaced with it’s modular design. The airframe is composed of carbon and injected plastic. Running Cleanflight and pro-tuner you be be assured this racer will be a performer.


walkera furious 320 fpv drone gps

Walkera Furious 320

The Walkera 320 is a whole new breed of FPV racing drones. A little larger than most but has some very innovative features. Walkera designed this little quad to pack some serious punch. This little bugger can really move with speeds of up to 120k per hour. Like most racers the Furious can rotate, flip and roll freely. For aggressive flight the motorized arms will articulate in forward motion maximizing speed. Where this racer gets interesting is it’s HD camera and GPS capabilities. It’s almost a hybrid racer / camera drone. This is a very appealing feature. When not racing you can use it to capture some aerial photos or videos. Mind you the quality will not be that of a purpose built camera drone. The Furious 320 may not be the cheapest racing drone for sale. But with it’s game changing performance, included devo 7 radio and high end feature set we would have to say its great value overall.


Align MR25 racer

Align MR25 

Align is well known for manufacturing some of the best 3D heli’s in the world. Naturally, they have been following industry trends with their line of multirotor systems. The MR25 is Aligns first FPV racer and it may just be one of the best. Align did their market research. This little 250mm racer is feature packed. The MR is the first of it’s kind to offer Bluetooth connectivity via smartphone app. The App enables preameter configuration, settings, led adjustments and more. When in flight the MR has horizon compensation due to it’s single axis FPV camera gimbal system. If you prefer the camera can be locked in as well. Navigation is a breeze with the integrated OSD and high intensity, customizable navigation lights. Also features a HD DVR, adjustable arms,  5.8ghz video downlink, master power switch, OSD Telemetry, 2300KV race motors, break and turn signals, plus much more! If you are in the market for a racer we recommend you check this one out.


walkera garlus fpv F210 drone uav racer

Walkera Garlus F210 

Walkera’s Garlus F210 seems to be a step up from their previous 250 racer. I terms of build quality the F210 has thicker carbon plates, decent motors, battery bay, and good FPV set-up. Where the Garlus really stands out is it has a integrated Night Vision camera. As night racing becomes more popular so may the Garlus. The ESC’s are plug and play which makes for easy field repairs. Keep in mind the Plug and Play aspect makes the parts preparatory. The F210 is a great little racer we would recommend to anyone looking for a affordable out of the box mini racer.