How to start Drone Photography Business and Marketing strategies

drone photography business

How to start Drone Photography Business and Promote It

When you are in the business of promoting the use of drones to customers in your area and generating buzz about this type of venture, it can often be difficult to know just where to begin. In fact, this is a struggle that most new entrepreneurs face when it comes to marketing their products to a customer base. How can you reach them where they are without seeming too invasive and pushy? Below you will find several marketing ideas both in digital formats and in traditional senses to inspire you. Choosing any of these routes can be effective when done correctly, but to best understand how they can work for you and your aspiring drone business, let’s take a look at them individually.

How to Promote Drone Photography Business 

Digital marketing strategies are among the most effective, especially in niches that are deeply rooted in technology and science to begin with. Consider for a moment then that you use your own mobile device throughout the day and check on various apps you might have on your phone for new information. If you combine that amount of time against everyone else in your area, you have a staggering volume of time that people spend on the internet and on electronic devices. This is the new platform for reaching customers because as any good business savvy individual knows, you have to reach customers where they are.

YouTube Marketing

We are beginning with one particular website because it can have a very positive effect on your budding drone business. YouTube offers a wide range of functionality in terms of marketing to new customers and providing useful and helpful content to keep your current customers on the line. An article released on the website for Forbes indicates that there are a few very key reasons that you should be thinking about YouTube for your business. One of the most important of these would be building both credibility and trust for your brand. This site offers a unique platform to showcase each product’s functionality and performance in a way that words simply cannot compete with.

Conversions For Clicks (Free Gift Campaigns On Websites and Blogs)

Another interesting approach that can generate a lot of unique user traffic to your website (and yes, we will discuss the importance of having a website in a short time), is click campaigns. These often offer the user a free gift for their information, and you might comprise an eBook about “things you didn’t know you could do with your drone” or “tips for being an expert drone pilot right now”. Things like this catch people’s attention and take little time to make. Not only will this direct people to your website, but you can grab their email as well for other campaign strategies.

Social Media Marketing

While there will always be some latest and greatest social media site out there now that the boom of social networking is in full swing, the tried and true places to market your business today are apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. These sites provide real time information to users in a feed release format, so even regular updates do not come across as overbearing to the typical user. Following a release from LYFE Marketing people enjoy getting promotional material on their social media feeds and have access to the brands that they enjoy. To most users, this is a way to get a stable line of answers to their questions, and you can interact directly with your customer base from this platform.

Paid Advertisement Campaigns

This is a tricky platform for those that are not well versed in other areas of digital marketing already. The fortunate thing is that there are services that can help you to get your brand out in front of people without all of the legwork on your end of the equation. These paid services put up advertisements on your behalf in areas where they would receive the best receptions. These can be isolated to your geographical location to better suit those in your region you are trying to reach exclusively.

Email Marketing

There is a lot of misinformation and negativity surrounding email marketing campaigns. This has a lot more to do with senselessly spamming those who have offered up their email address to your company and much less to do with credible emails delivered in a moderate fashion. In many ways, people enjoy receiving new information and promotional materials from their favorite brands or companies they are interested in. Constant Contact released an article stating that over ninety percent of adults enjoy receiving promos and offers from the companies they enjoy via their email address. This can be an excellent way to divulge new products, accessories, sales or tech upgrades to drone enthusiasts on your mailing list.

Search Engine Optimization For Online Content

According to a blog posting, there has never been a more important time for a business to get better versed in SEO formatting for their website and content that they put online. The placement of your business in search engine results is critical to the traffic that your site gets, and can be directly tied to the successes that it hopes to experience online. This process involves researching terms that are searched for most often in regard to the products and services that you offer. Your content on your website’s pages can be tagged with these keywords and phrases, along with literally tying them into the text of the content itself. The more directly tied your website is to the key terms that people are searching for, the higher search engines like Google rank them in the results. SEO is a forever changing landscape and hiring a dedicated consulting firm such as AD5 can yield powerful, effective results.

A Proper Website For Your Business

Your website is a window to every drone and product that you offer your customers. It is where they can learn more about your business and shop comfortably from their own home. Make sure that while your website has all of the information that they will need to make a decision about purchasing, that it is also easy to read and understand. If you are at a loss of what to do with a website, there are countless services available online to help you design the exact look and navigational options you are looking for.



Traditional Marketing Strategies For Your Drone Business 

While it might seem like traditional marketing strategies are slowly fading away, they are by no means gone entirely. In fact, many small local businesses find that traditional advertisement routes can have very positive results for their business. Here are some ideas that can help you to get started.

Mailers and Print Advertisements

This is perhaps one of the most common ways for new businesses to reach customers in their area. This requires very little knowledge of the community to achieve and can reach several people all at the same time. The trouble with mailing advertisements to customers is that it traditionally gets sorted subconsciously to junk mail and thrown out. Ultimately you can achieve success with this approach, but it is a high cost-low traffic option.

Vehicle Wraps

One thing that cannot be overlooked would be vehicle wraps. These options allow you to constantly be advertising to customers in the area while you are just out running errands. In a cost versus conversion ratio, the cost of graphics for your vehicle can be incredibly low for generating interest in your company. Drones can pretty well sell themselves, you just have to get people to know where locally to go to get them.

Outdoor Advertisement Options

Promoting a drone business might not always require grand gestures like billboards and similar promotional approaches like this. However, around critical times of the year (like the holiday season for example), this can be an easy way for local shoppers to identify a specific location to find the drones that their loved ones really want to see under the tree. While it might not be cost effective to choose this option year-round, you might sample a month around busy shopping seasons to see if it perks profits.

Telemarketing and Cold Calling Strategies

There are rarely good instances anymore for telemarketing to customers. Unless you are a well-established business with clients that want to hear from you in this medium, the effectiveness of these campaigns is often greatly overshadowed by a resounding annoyance from customers. This does not suggest, however, that when you are established enough to have customer service aides, that they are not well versed in the ability to convert cold call-ins to sales of other products and services that you offer.

Promoting a drone business does not have to be a difficult thing to do. While marketing strategies might seem tedious and confusing when you are first starting out, the best way to understand them and improve on how they function is to roll up your sleeves and get right into it. The more of these options you employ, the better return that you stand to have in terms of profits and new customers to your drone business. Utilize each of your options as you see fit, but pay close attention to digital marketing formats as this reaches new age customers wherever they might be.

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