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Drones, if you have yet to use them then you have probably seen them in action. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), already proven to be useful for various government and industrial purposes, have also now turned out to be an amazing choice of product for those who are into photography. Take pictures from vantage points far into the sky, and capture the world like never before. From panoramic views of the world to carrying custom imaging devices, there is so much more you can do with them. The key to having a successful experience is to properly selecting the best camera drones for sale. There are many types of camera drones all suited to different applications and budgets.  At ProPhotoUAV we help you find some of the best unmanned systems available today, for great prices.  Capture the world with the best drones, at a price you want. ProPhotoUAV is a free resource website offering drone platform recommendations, guides and reviews. If you are looking to buy a system or want to know more about it, read on.

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Almost all of us know what a drone is, but what specifically is a camera drone and what can you do with it? This category of UAV has a stabilized camera attached to the drone itself, allowing you to remotely take stunning images or video of your preferred locations and subjects. You are not  restricted to just acquiring images, but by using powerful third party software you can turn your drone into a powerful production tool. The idea here is that by using a UAS fitted with a camera you can free yourself from traditional photography and open a new word of perspective. Additionally, adding a whole new level of value to your shoots. 3-Axis stabilized aerial platforms will allow you to capture new groundbreaking photo’s you never thought possible. Quadcopters with cameras are an amazing tool for the photographer and cinematographer lovers alike. Introducing a whole new level for your profession, where you take your camera to places where it may have been otherwise difficult to reach by foot. Nature lovers can benefit from specialized folding drone kits. Toss it on your back and hike to some of the most amazing locations in your area. Small, light, compact and powerful. Take your flying camera anywhere. 

Let us help you find the right product for your drone needs. Since 2013 we have been working with an array of industry leading drones and accessories. Improve your photography skills, and take some stunning pictures. If you are looking at drones for sale, you have come to the right place. Our buyers guides will direct you to the perfect system in your budget. Our guides cover all drone types. Drones With Cameras | Best Drones For Kids | Best Drones For Beginners |Best FPV Drones .Interested in a drone but not sure if its right for you? Send us a email or instant message, as we are happy to help. ProPhotoUAV does not sell products direct, rather helps you pick the perfect platform and directs you to the best products and deals.

Acquiring a UAS has never been easier. Increasingly available on box store shelves and on a vast array of online stores. Aspiring operators from industrial, business to hobbyists want to get flying and fly as safe as possible. Although UAV regulatory awareness is ever increasing, there are many pilots that just are not aware of these implementations. Just because flying cameras are readily available for purchase does not mean they can be flown anywhere and for any purpose. ProPhotoUAV has provided resources to help you purchase a safe reliable drone as well as provided simple guidelines to educational sites such as: Know Before You Fly, FAA, Transport Canada. Transport authorities are always releasing drone regulation revisions as the industry is fast evolving.

Why do you need a Aerial Camera Drone?

Up until a few years ago, acquiring high production aerial imagery was only accessible to high budget productions companies. Now with the introduction of advanced UAS technology, almost anyone can shoot those amazing cinematic shots. Flying a drone is a relatively simple concept. With a remote controller, you can direct the drone to fly any desired flight path, capturing smooth footage along the way. Essentially, you can call them advanced hovering robots. Recent drone models can fly by remote control, or you can run them through pre-designed and implemented software functions, allowing the vehicles to run on their own, based on the set programs such as: Waypoint Flights, POI (point of interest), Active track modes and more. The use of these vehicles has mostly been found in commercial purposes, until now. Activities such as 3D Mapping, Thermal imagery or searching for lost hikers are some of the areas where drones are already being used. However, reports suggest that personal drones’ usage is also on the rise. Some sources suggest that by 2022, the market for consumer UAS might be worth as much as $21.5 billion. These numbers really show the drone industries true potential.

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If you are a first time droner not to worry, we are here to help. Need help selecting the perfect drone for your project? Choose ProPhotoUAV your industry experts. Buy products from some of the best drone manufacturers in the world. We hand selected all the best Camera drones and accessories from popular manufactures such as: DJI, Yuneec, Autel, Hubsan, 3DR, ZeroUAV, FLIR and more! Also, check out our buy drones page for the latest drones for sale as well as the best drone accessories to get the most of your prized possession. There is something for every budget to help you escalate your imagery skills up a few notches. There are many different drone types, all of which suit various applications. With so many choices it can be hard to select the perfect drone. We have been working with and testing drones since 2013 and have created a host of free guides. Our best drone section is a great starting point if you are searching and researching the current top drones to buy. Furthermore you can check out our free guides about flying tips, regulations and more.