This Years Best Drones For Sale And Top UAV Buying Guides


If you are discovering, searching, researching or looking at Drones For Sale. You have come to the right place!

ProPhotoUAV’s editors have been involved in the drone industry since 2013 and know drones inside and out. If you are new to drones the technology and terminology can be daunting. The vast selection of drones can be overwhelming.

This is exactly why we created ProPhotoUAV  Buyers Guides and drone reviews to help droners from pre-purchase to getting the most out of their new aerial multirotor. Our best drone buying guide breaks down all the top features in todays leading drones for sale. Check out all our guides segmented into different drone types listed below.

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best Quadcopter

Drones for Aerial Photography

The camera drone segment is by far the most popular. Most people are looking for a drone fitted with a camera of some sort.

There are many copters fitted with cameras and come in all sizes, functions and budgets. Our camera drone guide is suited to personal and prosumer users. Many of the systems listed in this guide would also be suitable for indie and documentary filmmaking. Like all our guides we work our way from the bottom up to the top picks. The photo drone guides are based on functionality, value, usability, and software.

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Personal Selfie Drones + Mini and Nano Sized Drones

Advancements in technology have allowed manufactures to pack amazing features into small nano sized drones.

Mini Drones have become an emerging sector due to their ultra portable size and affordable price tag. These take it anywhere copters can be packed in a handbag and even some in your pocket. New flagship mini drones have the capability to shoot 4K video and 14mp stills. If you need portability this is the buyers guide you need to check out.

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Drones for Youngsters and Kids

Not all drones are suitable for kids and beginners. Kids drones need to be safe and durable where beginner drones need features to assist in the fundamental controls.

As stated in most of our guides for beginner pilots we recommend drones with position hold, altitude hold and orientation control. These functions will make any new pilots experience enjoyable. For kids drones we recommend a drone with propeller protection such as prop guards. Also a drone that is pretty durable and can take a few crash landings is a good idea. For the best systems available today check out our latest buyers guide below.

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Want more drone guides? We have all the segments covered

There are so many different drone systems and uses as well as budgets. We have broken down our guides ever further to help you target the perfect platform to fulfill your requirements. See more of our popular guides listed below.

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Commercial Drones

If you plan to use your drone commercially this section is for you. Hand picked selection of professional drones for cinematography, mapping, robotic, SAR, Thermal and more. Commercial grade drones in many cases are a higher build quality and generally larger in size. Larger drones have a higher payload capacity enabling industrial imaging and sensors to be attached and controlled.

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TBS Vendetta Racer

FPV Drones

FPV and drone racing has become very popular with sponsored racers, drone leagues, large drone race events. There are different class size races and different racing events will also have specific requirements. You can get into drone racing by buying a ready to fly kit which is recommended for beginners. For more advanced and competition level racers a scratch built system that is customizable with high end components is the way to go.

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Cheep Affordable Drones under $500, $200, $100, $50

Premium camera drones such as the Phantom 4 are amazing systems but not everyone can justify the price that goes along with it. Our drones under $500 is a great resource fro those looking for the best affordable drone. With increasing competition in the drone space, systems are increasingly getting better with exceptional overall value.

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