Best FPV Drones & Amazing Race Kits for 2018

One of the most exhilarating up-and-coming sports of the 21st century is FPV drone racing. Piloting a nimble drone in first-person view while trying to outpace the competition can be a real rush. This sport is gaining recognition all over the world as well. The International Drone Racing Association, for example, holds a yearly competition that features tons of these awesome FPV drones kits and their talented pilots.


The sport also contributes to the overall good of society. For example, the 2018 Drone Racing Series and the Challengers Cup will feature Miracle Flights as their main sponsor. This organization seeks to raise funds and awareness for children with serious illnesses. So, by having fun and racing a drone, you could be making a difference as well!


As more and more teams, clubs, and organizations form around FPV drone racing, you might feel more inclined to join up yourself. There are plenty of places to get started – just search for drone racing in your area and you could find anything from a huge outdoor course to a small indoor one, or maybe even a combination of both.


If you’re looking to get into the drone race scene, you will need some guidance on the best drone capable of first-person flight for your current skill level and budget. You won’t need to look any further than this page – each of the drones featured here has been hand-selected as the best of their class. Whether you are looking for a turn-key FPV Drone Kit that will be ready right out of the box or a lightning-fast custom racer, there is a drone here for you.




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Vortex already made a splash with their reliable and fast Vortex 150. The Vortex 180 is one step up from the base model and has been specifically tuned for the track. This quadcopter features a variety of awesome features that make it a perfect competition-ready racer. The first thing you will notice is that the handling and speed have been improved thanks to the new XNova 1407-3500kV motors combined with the same twin processors used on the Vortex 150.

One of the big advantages of this drone is its small size. Because it weighs less than 270 grams, it is not even considered an aircraft in most places. Thus, it can be flown without getting any extra permits or additional licenses. It is also small enough to fly inside – and is great fun when flying through some tight spaces.

The Vortex 180 also incorporates ImmersionRC Synergy technology. This makes the video transmission to the goggles used for in-flight first-person to have virtually no latency. This lends you greater control over the drone due to being able to fly in real time. This drone also incorporates Dynamic Power Control technology that saves battery power whenever possible. This means your battery won’t die while you are waiting in the starting grid.

One of the most important features for a prospective racer is the inclusion of an on-board HUD that can be displayed in one’s racing goggles or LCD screen. For first-person view, this display is invaluable – it keeps you up-to-date with the battery voltage, capacity, and remaining flight time. It also displays other critical flight information that will be useful to any racer. Overall, it this drone from ImmersionRC offers a lot of features at a great price.




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If you don’t have an interest in breaking out the soldering iron before flying your drone, you might want to check out Walkera’s F210 model. It is a ready-to-fly model that is very quick and maneuverable. After all, when you include four 2500kv motors with a strong battery pack, you know you will have some of the best power available in the drone racing scene.


The maneuverability of the drone is also worth mentioning. This is due to the F3 control board that Walkera has included. It is a fast and efficient processor of instructions, meaning that your drone will respond instantaneously to manipulation of the controls. This will occur even at great distances due to the improved transmission range paired with the DEVO 7 workhorse system in the F210.


The camera on this racer is a HD camera that offers real-time image transmission. It also is easily accessible and adjustable to suit your particular racing needs. One of the coolest features of the camera, however, is that it has a night-vision mode. This means you will be able to tear through the air even in low-light conditions.


Walkera’s F210 also includes a heads-up display system – the same one included on their other models, in fact. This keeps the user in the know when it comes to important information for flying. Battery condition and remaining flight time, for example, are readily available whether you are using goggles or a screen to fly your drone. The Walkera F210 offers considerable performance and reliability without having to touch anything but the controls – making this a great drone for seasoned experts and beginners alike.




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As you have already seen, Walkera is one of the leading suppliers of racing drones in several markets. The mini-drone market is no exception, as they have already introduced a few successful models of small sizes. One of the best Walkera models is the Rodeo 150 – a tiny but powerful model that boasts a classy and slick aesthetic appeal.


This tiny drone does not sacrifice durability for size. Though it has a slim design, the modular construction ensures that the internal components will not be damaged in the inevitable event of a crash. The sophisticated electronic components within – such as the flight control board and various modules – have also been arranged in such a way as to protect the most critical components.


The Rodeo 150 also is very fast and maneuverable. This, combined with the HD real-time transmission offered from the mini onboard camera, makes this drone a perfect racer. You will be able to fly this drone through tiny spaces with ease due to the wide-angle lens that shows you any possible obstructions.


Walkera’s Rodeo 150 might be small, but it’s viability in the drone racing scene should not be discounted. There aren’t many other drones in this class that are capable of the same performance as this device. It is perfect for a racer on a budget, too, as it offers a great price for the value that you receive.




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If you are starting completely from scratch in this sport, there are a lot of things you need to buy. To get them all in one place, look no further than Fat Shark’s 101 racing kit. Not only does it include a professional-grade transmitter, a custom-designed quadcopter, and race-ready goggles – it also boasts three months-worth of membership and insurance at the Academy of Model Aeronautics alongside access to the Drone Racing League Simulator system.


The biggest selling point on this kit is its simplicity. The controller, goggles, and quadcopter can all be recharged via USB. Plus, it is a small enough drone to avoid being included in any special flight regulation laws. This ready-to-fly kit just needs to be charged up and you will be in the air.


One cool aspect of the Shark Quad – the drone included in the kit – is that it is ready to be flown with special entry-level flight modes. These help you get the hang of flying with a few handicaps to prevent crashing as easily. Even if you do end up in a collision and in-need of repairs, the myriad spare parts included in the kit will make sure that you get back to piloting as soon as possible.


The Shark Quad offers decent performance as well. It won’t be breaking any airspeed records anytime soon, but it is plenty strong for outdoor use and is certainly agile enough to be used in tighter indoor spaces. With the included training, durable drone, and incredible ease-of-use, Fat Shark’s 101 drone racing kit is an all-in-one solution for a beginning racer. Plus, every part is upgradeable so you can make the drone better as your skills improve.




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Another option for an all-in-one ready-to-fly drone racing kit is the Rise Vusion 250 Extreme. This racer offers some of the best performance for those who are just entering the scene. Plus, it is the only drone in this size class to come completely ready for competition and practice. You won’t need to install anything before flying the drone for the first time.

This drone is very fast. This is due to the four 2280kV brushless motors – one for each motor. They offer a sizeable amount of power. Plus, the drone is very maneuverable as it incorporates some high-efficiency, high-frequency electronic speed controls. This means that slowing down for turns won’t pose a problem for any drone pilot – no matter what their skill level is at.

Rise’s Vusion 250 Extreme also features state-of-the-art design concepts. It is completely modular, which makes repairs very easy. Damaged components can be replaced quickly so you can get back to flying as quickly as possible. However, it is not likely that you will need to make many repairs due to the incredibly durable injection-molded construction that this drone boasts.

With real-time video transmission, a reliable interference-free control transmission system, included first-person view goggles, and a high-quality camera, this kit is perfect for a beginning racer. You will be able to practice without worrying too much about crashing the machine, especially due to its decent price. This racer is perfect for those who are just starting out in the scene.





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Redcat Racing is a leading provider of high-tech remote-controlled vehicles. They have a solid grip on the ready-to-fly drone market as well. Their Redcat Carbon 210 will be tearing up the air right out of the box with some of the best technology in the air today. It is a speedy and durable drone that offers professional levels of quality without the same amount of invested time.

First off, the Redcat Carbon 210 has a full carbon-fiber chassis. This means it is lightweight but incredibly durable. It also looks great – there is no coating over the carbon fiber, letting its state-of-the-art glory shine through easily. The propellers and casing are injection-molded ABS and can withstand collisions and impacts readily.

This drone performs at a level comparable to other professional drones of its size. The brushless motors and low-latency electronics mean that it is fast and responsive – not to mention, easy to control. The F3 flight controller and real-time video transmission from the HD camera combine to make this drone one of the best available today.

The Redcat Carbon 210 is capable of first-person flight with a compatible set of goggles. It also includes an aluminum carrying case to protect it when in transit or not in use. Overall, this drone from Redcat Racing is a perfect entry-level racing drone that offers professional levels of performance.





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For a no-frills and aggressive competition racer, look no further than ARRIS’ X-Speed 250. It is a ready-to-fly racer that incorporates some of the best technology available today. This means that it is one of the few drones that you can take out of the box and win a race with. This drone has been carefully tuned to meet the expectations of all levels of racers – but is geared toward professional racing use.


This drone gives off the vibe that it incorporates only state-of-the-art technology – and this isn’t far from the truth. Nestled between two 1.5mm carbon-fiber sheets is a Raptor 390 control tower. This tower was chosen to reduce interference, avoid extra soldering and wiring, and protection of the electronic speed control. It is located in an optimal position that will keep it secure in the event of a collision.


The ARRIS S2205 2300kV brushless motors included below each propeller on this drone mean that it is incredibly fast. They also use curved magnets to ensure maximum power and efficiency, aerospace-grade aluminum bearings to prolong the motor life, an on-board cooling system for maximum airflow, and hollowed steel prop shafts to avoid damaging internal threads. They offer some of the best performance and reliability out there today.


The camera on the ARRIS X-Speed 250 is a high-definition and fully-adjustable device that is capable of real-time transmission. It also has a damper plate between it and the frame, protecting the video recorded through the device from vibrations from the frame. All-in-all, the ARRIS X-Speed 250 is a professional-grade, highly-customizable, and maneuverable drone that is suitable for an experienced flyer.




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One of the smallest race-ready quadcopters out there today is the Blade Inductrix. It is tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Plus, it offers great speed and can be used in many different conditions. While this quadcopter does not offer a camera, it is priced very reasonably and is a perfect drone for a child or first-time flyer.


The most important feature of the Blade Inductrix is the incredibly durable construction. It can be crashed into pretty much anything without becoming permanently damaged. This is a great feature for a beginner – you will crash when you first start flying. Even if you do damage a component, replacements are easy to make with the proper tools.


Blade Inductrix drones also have a simple but reliable Blade MLP transmitter included with each ready-to-fly drone. It can be bound with the Inductrix, of course, but can also be bound with practically any drone due to the included Spektrum DSMX 2.4GHz technology. This includes a whole line of Blade and E-flite products – from helicopters to quadcopters to airplanes.


One of the best simplicity-oriented features of the Blade Inductrix is that it can be charged via USB. It will only take a few minutes to recharge – which is a great complement to the short flight time. It also makes it easy for children to share flying time. The quiet performance is also a boon for parents with prospective drone racers in their families. Of course, the Blade Inductrix is suitable for adults as well – it is very fast and very maneuverable, meaning it is perfect for competition usage as well as recreation.




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