This Years Top Drones With Cameras

Drones with cameras and Camera Drones are easily the most popular type of drone. Most people purchase a copter with the intention of capturing amazing aerial imagery.

Aerial flying cameras have come along way and now have some very advanced features. More importantly they are fitted with high quality stabilized cameras capable of acquiring 4K videos and high resolution images.

There are a few configurations when looking for a camera drone. One is to buy a platform with a camera stabilizer known as a gimbal. Then attaching a 3rd party camera of your choice such as a DSLR or Mirrorless. These systems are usually intended for commercial use but with drones becoming more affordable a consumer can now easily get their hands on a pro system.

The other is a drone with an integrated camera attached. These are the most popular choice as the system comes turn key with everything ready to go. With camera technology becoming increasingly smaller yet still very capable, drones with cameras are hard to beat.

Like all segments there are many choices that come at various price points. Our camera drones guide will break down all the best systems available today. Also see our small portable mini drones with camera guide.




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Last update was on: February 18, 2019 3:01 pm

The DJI MAVIC Pro is a drone for the masses. It’s small compact size, feature set and price will make it a top choice for most anyone. The MAVIC holds our #1 position as it satisfies most all the functionality we look for in a drone. Powerful features such as: obstacle avoidance, long light times, extended range, stabilized 4K imagery and of course it’s ultra compact size. The only drawback is the MAVIC’s tiny image sensor introduces more noise and a slightly soft image. If you are looking for broadcast quality footage the MAVIC may not be for you. For everyone else we highly recommend this amazing camera drone.





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Last update was on: February 18, 2019 3:01 pm

The DJI Phantom series are DJI’s best selling drone and may be the worlds best seller as well. The latest Phantom 4 PRO finds a sweet spot between image quality and portability. Although not as portable as the MAVIC it still produces a superior video and image. The Phantom 4 PRO’s features set an industry standard and even exceed those found in it’s flagship sibling the Inspire 1. With built in obstacle avoidance, active tracking, and great 4K video quality. If video quality is your number one concern the Phantom 4 PRO will still be the best choice with value in mind. If you can sacrifice a little image quality the MAVIC has a similar feature found the phantom 4 at a fraction of the size, weight and for less money.





Last update was on: February 18, 2019 3:01 pm

The DJI Inspire 2 has found a top spot in our professional category when paired to DJI’s powerful x5R camera. The Inspire 2 has many distinct features that set it apart from it’s predecessor the inspire 1. These powerful features make the inspire 2 a viable choice for professional applications. The Inspire 2 has enhanced safety features such as dual batteries, IMUs, compass and barometers. Additionally the I2 adds a obstacle avoidance system and front mount pilot FPV camera. The optional X5s camera produces amazing cinematic 5K footage normally only found on larger platforms costing far more. The Inspire 2 could very well become the new industry standard for professional filmmakers alike.




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The Yuneec Typhoon H is unique in that it has a 6 rotor propulsion system. The extra 2 rotors provide more lift and power but more importantly, redundancy. Traditionally on a quadcopter if any one of the motors, esc’s or propellers were to fail the drone would loose control and crash. With the Typhoon H loosing a motor or a broken prop will not be an issue. Another distinct advantage the H has over is rivals is the fact the camera has 360 degrees of rotation. This functionality is only found on the high priced DJI Inspire 1. When used in dual operator mode the Typhoon’s camera can be controlled independently. As a added option the typhoon can be flown using Yuneec’s Wizard Wand. Control of the Typhoon is achieved by simply pointing the wand to the desired destination and the H handles the reset. The only downside to the Typhoon H is it’s



DJI Phantom 3 SE

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Last update was on: February 18, 2019 3:01 pm

For those on a budget the Phantom 3 SE is a great choice. DJI’s way of re-purposing old stock but giving the end user a great system for the money. The SE version is alot like the the Phantom 3 pro but uses DJI wifi technology and does without the lightbridge system. Because of this the SE version comes with the basic phantom remote controller and not the upgraded one found on the ph3 pro / advanced and Ph4. Although range may be a little limited it’s still fitted with a 3 axis stabilized camera shooting 4K @ 30FPS and 12mp stills. Control range is reduced to 4km max which is still plenty far enough for most applications. Like other phantom 3 versions it also features vision positioning, 25min flight times and GPS functions to boot. If all you want is some nice pictures or are looking for a hobby grate unit this SE model phantom is a great buy.



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